What companies have sent you gifted items?

Any items marked with an asterix (*) are gifted items which have been sent to me by the company for reviewing purposes. However, all of the reviews are 100% my honest opinion and have not been influenced by anything else. If I feel that an item is not suited towards my blog then I will not feature it. I don't tend to post 'bad' reviews, if a product is a massive let down I just won't review it.

How do you get sent free items?

Usually, a brand will contact a blogger if they need exposure for a certain product. Reviewing these products is a great perk of being a blogger, but it isn't all about getting 'freebies'. On the odd occasion, I am lucky enough to receive an email from a brand asking if I wish to review one of their products. I will take a deep look into the brand and make a decision as to whether the product is suitable for my personal style and readers. I will only say no to a brand if I feel the product is not relevant, however most are fashion or beauty brands which I am happy to feature.

Do you make money out of your blog?

Money is not a great topic of conversation, and one I feel fairly uncomfortable discussing. I do make money out of my blog, but that is through the hard work and effort I have put in for a few years now. I make money via advertisements - Google Adsense and through brands contacting me to advertise on my blog. But for me, blogging has never been about the money or number of followers, I just love posting my content and receiving positive comments.

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