Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Seasonal Stripes

dress: urban outfitters
boots: zara
handbag: michael kors
fedora: topshop
necklace: asos
bracelet: asos
watch: michael kors
ring: marc by marc jacobs
lips: rimmel apocalips 'big bang'

I've now managed to get my life back on track after my ridiculous amount of work so blogging has become my priority at the moment! I felt really guilty about abandoning it so much over the holidays but it's pretty hard to juggle when you have so many other things going on at the same time. I'm fed up of wearing jeans and layers upon layers at the moment so today I opted for this Urban Outfitters sleeveless striped dress which I bought during the Summer. Although it's pretty cold, I wore it with my faux fur River Island coat but just didn't include it in the photographs as you couldn't see any of the dress. I don't often wear stripes as I find them too unflattering but I do like simplistic and subtle striped patterns like this. The stripes are places so closely together and are so thin they almost create a blurred effect. I've worn it with some thick black tights and my usual Zara cleated sole ankle boots which have been my go-to shoe over the past few months. I've also worn my Topshop fedora hat which doesn't get much use when I'm in Leeds as it's sooo windy!

I'm giving my nails a rest at the moment hence why today's post is lacking a nails/ hand photograph. I haven't given them a break from falsies in so long they literally resemble paper! I'm planning on leaving my nails till Friday so they can have a little breather and use the Sally Hansen Nail Growth and Strengthener every day to make them feel a little stronger and healthier. Can you recommend any good nail products which help to improve brittle/ worn down nails?


  1. You look lovely - love love love that Urban Outfitters dress! (Definitely not unflattering on you!)

    Jen xx

  2. Your absolutely gorgeous! :) Such a lovely dress as well that will work in the colder months and in the warmer months.


  3. Lovely outfit, I really want to get one of those fedora hats.. They're so classic!

    Ash xx