Saturday, 30 March 2013

Channel Orange

dress: river island
boots: h&m
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
nails: & other stories 'moire green'
lips: yves saint laurent 'rouge volupté 30'

I gave my wardrobe a massive clear out yesterday and managed to get rid of around 50% of my clothes which I have hoarded over the years. I always think 'Ooo but I'll wear that when it gets warm' but I never do, by that time I've got something new and completely forgotten about it! When I move back home after London, I realised I would have a struggle trying to fit all my clothes back into one place so this was necessary. I am also putting a load of clothing on my Ebay site including loads of French Connection sample dresses I got whilst working there. I've realised that I'd much rather have the money to buy new clothes than watch old ones sit in my wardrobe! I'll post a link over the next few days once they are all uploaded and ready to sell.

I attended a lovely family meal last night and wore this simple contrast panel dress I bought a while ago from River Island. The black contrast panels make it quite flattering on the figure and I love the grey marl fabric of the body. I wore it with some thick black tights due to this ridiculously freezing weather and my lace-up boots which I can't take off at the moment! I don't think they have many left in store but they are still available on line. I really cannot recommend a pair of shoes more, they are so comfortable and can be worn with so many different styles. I also wore this statement necklace which for some reason has been sat in my jewellery box for the past few weeks. I don't usually wear silver so this was quite a risk by me, but I love the neon orange chain combined with the crystals. I do think it sits quite funny on the necklace as it doesn't lie flat, but nevertheless it really stands out and makes the outfit.

Since using my new camera, I have been featuring some closer photographs of my make-up and hair as usually I can't do this as my previous camera wasn't great quality. I just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments about my make-up! I do get asked so frequently about what products I use, especially my highlighter (which is Mac 'Whisper of Gilt' if anybody wants to know!) so I am considering a new make-up post soon featuring my daily make-up and tools. Is this something you would be interested in reading? Let me know!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Polka Dot Crop

cropped jumper: zara
split maxi skirt: rihanna for river island
boots: topshop
cross necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
ring: marc by marc jacobs
leather and chain bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
lips: topshop 'macaroon'
nails: & other stories 'moire green'

So, I think I'm finally getting to grips with my new camera after two failed posts! The lighting at my house is also much better than my flat which makes the quality of the photographs better too. I'm still playing around with all the different settings and functions but at least I can now do the basics. The photos are the perfect, crisp quality that I'm after yet but I'll get there!

Yesterday was still really chilly but I fancied wearing some of my new Spring purchases that have been sat in my wardrobe for the past few weeks. I bought this really cute polka dot cropped jumper a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it! The knit is really soft and the hemline/ cuffs don't have a stretchy band so the jumper just sort of hangs and curls in at the edges which is a really nice effect. I'm not an avid polka dot-wearer but this is fairly simplistic and not too 'in your face'. I wore it with my Rihanna for River Island maxi skirt which I've been itching to wear once the weather turns warmer. I love the zip style split, I don't think I would personally unzip the zip any further but it's up to you! The fabric is really slinky and stretchy so it helps to suck you in and achieve a body con fit.

I've been playing around with my hair lately, trying to come up with a few new styles that are suitable for during the day. I tend to just wear a high pony most days for work but I'm getting quite bored of that look and want to make the most of my new extensions. I've started twisting the front sections and clipping them around the back of my head to create a sort of headband effect. I've also tousled my hair using the Lee Stafford Big Fat Tong which is good for creating volume and waves rather than curls. I really like this relaxed style and will definitely be wearing it like this more often. I'm also really tempting to dye the ends of my hair a peachy tone, but one step at a time!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mink Lace

top: asos
leggings: american apparel
boots: zara
necklace: topshop
leather and chain bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
gold bracelet: cartier
watch: michael kors
lips: maybelline super stay 10 hour tint gloss 'forever fuchsia'
nails: & other stories 'moire green'

I've only just realised how out of focus my full-length photos are, oops! I usually take my photographs in the morning before work so I'm always in a huge rush/ half asleep. It also doesn't help that I'm trying to get to grips with a new camera, but I didn't want to leave them out as then you wouldn't get to see the outfit as a whole. 

I mentioned in my previous post that I was really unsatisfied with an Asos order I received lately. Well, this is the only item from my order that I decided to keep and I wasn't 100% sure about it initially. I ordered a size small and it measured out really big, I guess the look is meant to be oversized but I always feel like I'm being swamped in large t-shirts. I love the mink shade of the lace fabric, we know how much I love my nudes so this fits in with my wardrobe colour palette perfectly. I wore it with a nude crop top underneath so it wasn't see-through and my American Apparel high-waisted lycra leggings which I still swear by. 

I attended a birthday party last week for one of my friend's 21st and needed a large statement necklace as the Zara dress I wore was fairly plain. I picked up this beautiful white, crystal and rose gold necklace within the higher-end jewellery section and ended up wearing it. I've also been wearing it during the day with jumpers and shirts, it really stands out against pastel shades and compliments an outfit well. It was £45 which I know is rather steep for a necklace, but it has a classic style and is something I will always wear during any season.

I have been looking for the perfect mint green nail polish for Spring and 'Moire Green' by & Other Stories hits the nail on the head. Originally, I wasn't sure if it was slightly too pale, but now after adding a couple of coats I really love the fresh mint shade. I found the polish really easy to apply, the brush is quite wide so it doesn't take long to apply to each nail and it has a lovely glossy finish. I haven't actually added a top coat, but nail polish does tend to dull after a few days wear so I may add an extra coat and top coat tonight to brighten the colour back up.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lusting after #40

drape vest: zara
strawberry print crop shirt: river island
knitted crop top: topshop
chunky heel: zara
printed trousers: topshop
monochrome bikini: river island
mesh maxi skirt: river island
two-tone bag: zara
rose gold bracelet: reiss
mesh heel: cos

 I think for the first time in my life I'm actually struggling to find things I want in the shops at the moment! Nevertheless, I have bought some bits and bobs lately but have ended up returning most of it after realising I don't like it that much. I've especially experienced this with Asos for some reason, everything I order just doesn't live up to my expectations in terms of size and quality. I bought the geometric print dress that I featured in my last 'Lusting After' post but it literally came down to my knees! Not impressed.

Summer holidays have been the topic of conversation this week so my thoughts have been revolving around my potential Summer wardrobe. I'm in love with this monochrome bikini at the moment but can't seem to find it in the stores. The contrasting piping will really flatter the figure and the cut-out details on the bottoms are really cute. I also love this mesh panel maxi skirt which could also be worn on holiday or at home with a chunky knit jumper or crop top when the weather warms up a bit. I'm walking past River Island on my lunch break so may have to pop in!

I'm on a massive shoe hype at the moment, and even though I tend to wear the same ones pretty much every day I still insist on buying more. My favourites at the moment are these mesh panel beauties by Cos. I've actually tried these on and they look really effective on the foot and are dead comfortable. I also like these chunky black and nude Zara platform heels which would be good staple heels for the Summer months and easy to walk in.

I've pretty much worn out my Céline bag so the next one on my list is this two-tone lunch bag style gem from Zara. I've always liked the idea of clashing red and pink together but never quite had the balls. It would definitely brighten up any outfit and could be use during the day or evening, who doesn't love a good old multifunctional bag?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Going Pro

dress: river island
blouse: mango
boots: h&m
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
nails: nails inc 'holland park'
lips: bobbi brown 'salmon'

It's actually quite sad how excited I was to experiment with my new camera this morning! I even got up 10 minutes earlier than usual so I could have a little play around with it, now that's dedication. I am still getting to grips with all the settings and functions, as for somebody who has never used an SLR before it can be rather daunting. I love how much more crisp and focused my photographs are. Before, my images were so highly contrasted due to my old camera and the poor lighting. I am still not 100% happy with how they have turned out but it will just take some getting used to and trying out new settings.

Nothing could stop me from wearing my new Spring dress today. I bought it whilst I was at home over the weekend but haven't seen it in any of the London stores yet which is strange. I love the aztec/ paisley/ country style print and the oversized style makes it perfect for layering over blouses on cold days like today. I used my sheer white studded Mango blouse as the fabric is so soft and doesn't tend to itch like many sheer polyester fabrics can. I also wore my new-ish H&M lace-up boots which I'm still besotted with. Last time, I wore them with leggings and no socks so they kind of rubbed but wearing them with tights today was much more comfortable.

I'm home this weekend too, but I'm taking my camera/ tripod/ laptop with me this time so will hopefully get round to take some outfit photographs whilst I'm back. I much prefer the lighting at my house, my flat lighting is really dull and there isn't much natural light so hopefully this time my images will turn out better. If anybody has a camera or a similar model and wishes to share some great blogging tips then feel free, would much appreciate your help!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Pug Life

 t-shirt: asos
leggings: american apparel
shoes: & other stories
necklace: topshop
bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
watch: michael kors
nails: nails inc 'holland park'
lips: maybelline super stay 10 hour tint gloss 'endless ruby'

Apologies for being pretty absent over the recent weekends, I've been visiting home quite a lot lately and can never be bothered to take my camera/ tripod/ laptop on the train with me. I only tend to post outfit posts during the week anyway as that's when I seem to wear my favourite pieces. My favourite item at the moment has got to be this adorable pug face t-shirt! My heart literally melted when I saw it online and clicked 'add to basket' before even contemplating it. It's been a bit of a show-stopper, I had so many people ask me whilst on Oxford Street where it was from. I'm not sure if that's because people liked it or they thought it was just a really random t-shirt! I paired it with my high-waisted lycra American Apparel leggings to create a casual and easy to wear look.

I mentioned the other week that I visited the new & Other Stories shop on Regent Street which is created by the makers of H&M and Cos. The style sits comfortably between the two, maintaining the simple style of Cos whilst still being affordable (although not as cheap) as H&M. I bought these amazing cream leather and perspex brogues which I had been chasing after since the shop opened. They had sold out in store and online so I was popping in every lunch break to check if they had any more deliveries. Luckily, I managed to snap up the last pair of size 5s and I'm absolutely in love with them. Not going to lie, they have given me some blisters as you can't really wear socks with them but I'm willing to suffer the pain for these beauties!

I also bought myself a new camera over the weekend as I mentioned in my previous post that I am fed up of my current one. I ended up choosing the Canon EOS 650D which is meant to be currently one of the best SLR cameras around. I've never used a SLR before so I'm still getting used to all the functions, it's all pretty daunting at the moment! I plan to take some outfit photographs tomorrow morning before I go to work, so fingers crossed I can work out all of the settings and stuff by then.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Holland Park

blouse: reiss
jeans: topshop 'leigh'
shoes: kurt geiger 'maddie'
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
wrap around bracelet: michael kors
gold bangle: cartier
ring: marc by marc jacobs
lips: yves saint laurent rouge volupte '30'
nails: nails inc 'holland park'

Yesterday was officially the first day of Spring, although you could've fooled me, so I decided to brighten things up a bit with my new pink shirt. I featured this in a previous 'Lusting After' post and finally bit the bullet last week. I love the bright pink shade and the style/ fit is just really simple and easy to wear. My only criticism is the fabric creases soo easily, I literally ironed it in the morning and after my bus journey to work there were creases all over. However, I can overlook this minor flaw as I am so in love with it! I paired it with my black coated Leigh jeans as it isn't quite long enough for my liking to wear with leggings. I also added a colourful statement necklace to compliment the pink and bring some more colour to the outfit.

I'm not usually one for bright nails but I couldn't resist purchasing a few new shades of Nails Inc new neon polishes. I picked up this neon purple shade in 'Holland Park' which is already one of my favourite colours everywhere! I love the brightness, it seems to compliment every outfit I wear at the moment and really adds a pop of colour. I found the polish to give full colour coverage after two coats, however it did dry with a matte effect so I added a gel top coat to give it a more glossy finish and to prevent chipping.

I know there's been a lot of talking lately surrounding the issue with GFC and whether this will be staying after July or whether Blog Lovin will become the front runner for keeping up to date with your favourite blogs. I just wanted to make sure that everyone is following my blog via Blog Lovin just in case this happens! I tend to use Blog Lovin anyway to read my favourite blogs as I find it easier to browse through and great way of finding new blogs. You can follow my blog on Blog Lovin by clicking the following link below:

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pink, Pastel and Print

blouse: ted baker
skirt: forever 21
waistbelt: french connection (sample sale)
boots: boohoo
bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
watch: michael kors
ring: marc by marc jacobs
lips: topshop 'macaroon'
nails: barry m gelly polish 'lychee'

The turnip is back! I haven't worn my hair in a big bun like this for sooo long and it used to be my signature style! I think since having my extensions and finding a straight style that I like, I've wanted to make the most of wearing my hair down. I've also become a fan of the high pony which has completely taken over the bun for days when I want my hair out the way. I think it really suits the style of this outfit, it means the cute detailing of the rose gold collar tips can be seen more clearly. I bought this blouse last week, I was really drawn to the rose gold detailing and the pastel pink shade is perfect for Spring. I paired it with this printed skater skirt which I bought last year but still love to wear now and then. It can be quite sheer so it best worn with black tights, plus it's too chilly to bare the legs yet!

I'm considering investing in a SLR professional camera as I'm not really fond of the quality of my current digital camera. I can never seem to get a really crisp focus and if I use the flash I tend to get a dark circle around the border of my photographs which I don't like. I use my camera every day so it would be a great investment. I've heard the Canon 600D is one of the best around, and maybe using a camera with a video function may tempt me to film some Youtube videos! Can anyone recommend a good one?

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lusting after #39

sheer panel t-shirt: alexander wang
neon pink cropped jumper: topshop
white coat: zara
aztec crop top: new look
sheer panel mini skirt: river island
statement gold necklace: miss selfridge
combination fabric heel: zara
monochrome clutch: zara
printed heel platform: new look
geometric print dress: asos
handbag: alexander wang 'emile'

It's that time of week again where I lust after everything I've spied over the weekend and wish money didn't exist! I always try to make an excuse as to why there are so many things I want at the moment, I've run out of excuses now so I just want them. At the top of my list is this divine Alexander Wang sheer panel t-shirt and the rose gold and white 'Emile' bag. I love the simplicity of the t-shirt, it would go so well with a nice pair of jeans and the bag would just top it all off. At first, I wasn't really keen on the pentagonal shape but now visioning it with the shoulder strap has changed my mind. 
I'm big on prints at the moment and need this geometric Asos dress in my life! It's only £28 so I don't know why I wont buy it, I guess I hate purchasing without trying on and returning is always such a ball-ache. The dress would look perfect with these monochrome platform New Look heels which are a bargain at £27.99. I always wear a chunky heel as I find them easier to walk in and I love the abstract print. I found a printed pair in Zara aswell which I also like which consists of combination fabrics with mixed prints. I love the block heel but I usually find not having a platform underneath the foot quite painful.

I recently bought a white Zara jacket which I featured in my latest 'Today I bought' post but this one is slightly longer and has a contrasting fabric along the collar and lapels. If I had to choose, I would still stick with the one I originally bought as I find it more suitable for Spring but this one is gorgeous too. 

Pink is everywhere at the moment and I'm more than happy to jump on the bandwagon when the weather brightens up a little. I love this cropped neon pink jumper, I can imagine it looking lovely layered over a sheer white blouse or with a pair of high-waisted tailored shorts. I recently bought a pink blouse from Reiss which isn't quite as bright so I may start off with this slightly tamer shade and see how I go...

Monday, 18 March 2013


t-shirt: asos
cardigan: h&m
jeans: topshop
boots: h&m
necklace: topshop
ring: marc by marc jacobs
nails: barry m gelly polish 'lychee'
lips: rimmel apocalips 'luna'

Well, what a miserable day! As if Monday's aren't bad enough, I got absolutely drenched on the way back from work and now fully regret not wearing a coat. I've worn this outfit quite a lot recently, the t-shirt is oversized and extra comfortable which makes it perfect for rainy days like today. I bought it last year so I doubt it's available anymore but they have a really similar version in H&M at the moment. I paired it with this burgundy cardigan which is also really comfortable and easy to throw on when you don't fancy wearing a heavy coat. I also wore my black Leigh jeans which have a coating so they have a sort of waxed effect. I don't often wear jeans as I find them quite unflattering on my legs but these are okay as they are black and fairly stretchy.

I went shopping on the weekend (surprise, surprise) and spotted these lace-up boots whilst mooching around H&M. I've never bought any shoes from there as they never seem to have a wide selection but I was sold as soon as I tried these on. I love the contrast lace detailing along the front of the foot and the chunky heel makes them easy to walk in during the day. They were a bargain at £24.99 so I'm hoping they don't start to fall apart any time soon. I'd also love to wear these when the weather warms up with frilly white socks and a little dress but by the looks of today I'll be waiting a while!

Just want to say a massive thank you to anyone that has nominated my blog for the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 under the 'Personal Style' category. I'm not getting my hopes up as there are soo many amazing blogs out there but it still means a lot! There's still time to nominate so if you haven't already I would really appreciate it :)