Friday, 13 December 2013


 dress: missguided
boots: zara
bag: river island (old)
fedora: topshop
necklace: asos
watch: michael kors
bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
ring: marc by marc jacobs
nails: topshop 'ruthless'
lips: mac 'mocha'

Note to self: NEVER wear a hat in Leeds! I've spent most of the day holding onto my hat rather than productively Christmas shopping, always forget how windy it can be up North. I haven't worn my Topshop fedora in a while and I was getting pretty fed up of always wearing my hair up so this is an easy alternative. I'm also wearing my new Missguided dress which has a sort of bandage pattern and is really easy for just wearing during the day. I've been looking for a long-sleeved daytime dress for a while now so this one fits the bill perfectly. I've worn it with my favourite River Island mongolian fur bag which for those of you who don't know, I purchased off Ebay a few months ago as it's from a few seasons ago. 

I've been really lazy with my nails lately, mainly because I am absolutely loving this Topshop nail polish in the shade 'Ruthless'. I love a good dark nail during the Winter months so this is the perfect gothic shade. It's an extremely dark shade of purple, which actually looks a lot lighter in my photographs due to the bright flash on my camera. I've always loved Topshop nail polish, I find they always get the perfect shade and they apply very thick so only a couple of coats are needed. I apply the polish to my false nails so never experience any chipping, I can't really vouch for how good they are on natural nails!


  1. Love this outfit as always :) Wish I had your wardrobe!

    Claire from Stylingo xx

  2. You have such amazing style!

  3. I love this dress! Such amazing colours + print! x x

  4. I can completely relate to the hat dilemma up North lovely - but you look fabulous - I love the nude and black styling.

    Elizabeth x