Friday, 11 October 2013

Lusting After #54

I've abandoned my blog so much lately due to an overload of Uni work but I'm really trying to keep on top of it all! I actually took some outfit photographs today so hopefully I'll get to upload those over the weekend. We've just been given our full design briefs and projects so that's why this week has been completely crazy! I'm usually quite good at juggling things so next week should be a little better.

I thought I'd kick things off with a Lusting After posts as I haven't done one of these in a while. That's purely for the fact that there hasn't been much I want lately which is very unusual for me! I think because it's the start of the season, not all of the trends have filtered in yet so I'm gonna wait for the proper Winter warmers. However, I did manage to spy this gorgeous River Island cream faux fur collar coatigan whilst browsing the other day. I love the oversized style, although I'm slightly worried it may be a little long on me? Either way, it's divine and I'm definitely trying it on next time. I also found this River Island ombré mongolian fur bag which I swear they also had in store last year. It's priced at £150 which is extremely high for River Island so I'm not sure I'll be biting the bullet just yet. Lastly from River Island, I found this cream cocoon jumper which just looks so cute and cosy. I don't own many cream jumpers so this would be a wonderful addition to my upcoming Winter wardrobe.

I'm obsessed with anything and everything vinyl/ glossy at the moment and this Topshop midi skirt is no exception. I actually have the mini version and wear it all the time but this would be a better one for nights out. I also love this Topshop pyjama set which I've been eyeing up over the past few days. I really need a new pyjama set as my favourite M&S ones are slowly falling apart! I think the colour combination is beautiful and the fuchsia lace detail really stands out. I also keep moaning about how I really want some knee-high boots and I think I've found the perfect pair, Topshop of course! I tried these neoprene knee-high boots on in the store yesterday and fell in love. They're ultra slimming and really lengthen the legs, only problem is they are £135! I would probably stretch that far if I knew they would last me a long time but I haven't had a good history with the quality of Topshop shoes.

Next up we have this amazing Zara lingerie style tube dress which is bang on trend for this season. I love anything lacey with a big of a grunge edge so this is right up my street. I haven't seen this in the shops yet as I think Leeds is a little behind but I'll definitely be trying it on soon. I also love this Kenzo tiger ring which would be the perfect statement ring to add to my ever growing collection. I'm getting a little bored of my H&M stacking rings as I wear them everyday so this would be a lovely addition. I'm also loving any faux fur accessories at the moment and this Asos multi-coloured handbag really caught my eye. I love the mixture of colours used and I just think this would really stand out against a plain outfit. It's one of those items I would love to own but I just know the fur won't be very soft!

Lastly, I've been watching Youtube videos of the Babyliss Perfect Curl styler and still can't get my head around how it works! I'm really lazy lately when it comes to curling my hair so I've been wearing it straight pretty much every day. I think this new styler is great for when you're in the morning rush and can't be bothered to style your hair, it looks mega quick and easy. I think the only downfall is that all the curls look quite tight and I prefer mine a lot looser and messy. I guess this could be created through styling after all the curling has been done though. The curler is priced at £149.99 which is pretty steep for a hair tool but I might test out my friend's first and see how I get along!


  1. Lovely selection especially the skirt!

    Emma x

  2. That coat is so lush very glam
    S xx

  3. I love the coat!! I've had my eye on these boots too - gorgeous! Look forward to seeing if you buy any of these bits :-) xxx

  4. Love those pajamas! Steph x
    British Beauty Blagger