Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Today I Bought #56

I haven't done a 'Today I Bought' post in a while as I've been concentrating more on my outfit posts. I love doing these posts as I can collect together everything I've bought recently and show you guys what's new. Some of these items were purchased whilst I was in Marbella, and some much more recently like today. I'm off on holiday again on Sunday so a lot of these items are more suitable for abroad as I know the weather is getting a little chilly over here!

 Zara floral t-shirt and River Island monochrome cami top

Zara in Marbella is absolutely incredibly, they get all of the new stock weeks before the UK and it's a fair percentage cheaper. I picked up this adorable floral t-shirt which I imagined would look really nice with my Topshop pastel Joni jeans and some white sandals. I haven't actually worn it yet but I will get round to it soon. I also picked up this square monochrome cami top by River Island yesterday as I'd seen it online and wanted to try it on before purchasing. I think this is a really simple and easy to wear top which could be dressed up with a bold statement necklace and bright lipstick.

 Primark tropical crop top

I don't adore Primark but sometimes I can right some right little gems in there. I picked up this tropical print bralet which I thought would be nice on holiday with some high-waisted denim shorts or a maxi skirt. I like the coral colour used in the background, it really stands out and compliments tanned skin. I think this could be worn during the daytime or evening to create completely different looks.

 Zara tropical print bandeau crop top

This crop top is pretty similar to the Primark one featured above but is a bandeau shape and made from a lightweight cotton jersey fabric. I loved this top as soon as I saw it and didn't even hesitate about buying it. Again, I would probably wear this with some denim shorts or a maxi skirt depending on what look I was going for. I think this would look great with wavy beach hair and a bold coral lip on the evening.

 American Apparel denim shorts and River Island tube pants

Whilst I was away in July, I realised I didn't actually own a staple pair of high-waisted denim shorts. I bought a Levi pair years ago which are far too big now and have a few low-rise pairs for with vests or bodies. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase these American Apparel denim shorts which were £56 but exactly the kind I had been looking for. I'd tried on endless pairs of Topshop and River Island shorts but none seemed to fit as well as these. I love the bright blue shade of these shorts and they could be worn all the time whether it's daytime, evening or even in the Winter months with tights.
Zara statement necklace

I don't exactly need another statement necklace as my collection is now getting ridiculous but I really wanted this one for holiday! I don't own a neutral shade statement necklace as most of mine are bold and bright so this one is a little different. I'm pretty sure Zara also do this necklace in a turquoise colour but I liked the neutral shade to go with more outfits. I think this would look lovely on the beach with a black cut-out swimsuit and a lightweight kimono thrown on top.
River Island hologram sandals

I saw these on the River Island website whilst I was away and ordered them straight away! They are my kinda shoe, I love gold hologram and the gladiator style is really suitable for both holiday and normal days. I actually wore them today for the first time to go shopping and they were seriously comfortable. I think I had a few funny looks walking around in them but I don't care, they are amazing!

 River Island headband

I've never worn a wrap-around headband like this apart from my American Apparel bow so this is a little out of my comfort zone. Infact, I don't often wear hair accessories full stop as I'm worried they won't suit me. I've seen a few girls wearing these turban style headbands at the moment, especially during the festival season and there is something I really like about them! This River Island one was only £6 so it's not the end of the world if I don't like it. I might try it out tomorrow with some beachy waves in my hair and a plain dress to give it a trial run!

Topshop Astrix boots

Oh the trouble I went through trying to get my hands on these bad boys! After they sold out online, I really really wanted a pair so bought some dupes by Missguided. I was really disappointed as they arrived with glue marks over the canvas and platform as returned them with a big complaint! I then managed to pick them up in the Bullring Topshop store and actually got the last pair, it was obviously meant to be! They are kinda similar to my Asos platform trainers but these have a slightly lower platform and have a high-top shape. I can't wait to wear these with some skinny jeans once I'm back from my holiday next week.
Zara black boots

I haven't bought a pair of boots like this for a while now but I couldn't wait to stock up on some Winter boots. I bought these whilst I was in Marbella so I think they worked out as about £8.50 cheaper than they are over here. I love the simplistic, grunge style of these boots and they could be worn literally every day with anything. I'd like to wear them with a little lace dress or something to add a contrast between the feminine look of the dress. I'm not great in heels during the day but these aren't too high so they feel quite comfortable. 

L'Oreal Line of Beauty Collection*

I love a dramatic bold eye so this L'Oreal collection was a great set to arrive back home to after my holiday. It features a very thick liquid Super Liner, a fine Super Liner, an Eyebrow arch pencil with a brush and setting wax and a Gel pencil eyeliner. I've actually used all of them more than once now and I have to say my favourite from the set is the fine Super Liner. This is probably the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used, it's absolutely amazing at creating flicks at the corner of the eyes. I always struggle with uneven lines on each eye and the flicks ending up too thick but this makes it so easy to control. I think this collection is available in store now so if you haven't tried it I would highly recommend you do!

Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit moisturiser and cream wash*

My skin has improved so much over the past 6 months so I can't say I actually use too many products anymore. I tend to stick to a light moisturiser and a face wash just to remove any excess make-up which I've missed. Neutrogena have released some new products within the Visibly Clear collection and they all have this incredibly pink grapefruit scent. I'm not usually a fan of scented facial care products but I love the smell of these and it really lingers on your skin. I've used the cream wash and it's great at removing any make-up you've left behind whilst leaving your skin feeling fresh and smelling divine.

Maybelline Baby Lips

After all the hype about these lip balms I just had to pick them up yesterday when I saw them in my local Boots. My lips do suffer from being dry and dehydrated so I'm always looking for new products to help. So far I've only used the Intensive Care lip balm but I have found that this does make my lips feel softer and much smoother. I can't see these making a dramatic difference to my lips as I need a good exfoliator but they are great at softening the lips and have extremely cute packaging!

Revlon 'sandy nude' and 'marmalade'

I went a little mad on nail polishes the other day and picked up a few new shades to take on holiday with me. First up we have these two shades from the Revlon Colorstay collection - a classic nude shade and a vibrant orange/ coral shade. These two shades basically sum up my taste in nail polish! I either love a really neutral beige colour or a bright coral to add a pop of colour. I haven't tried Revlon nail polish before so hopefully these look as good on the nail as they do in the bottle.

Sinful Colors '24/7' and 'hazard'

Next up we have a couple of shades from Sinful Colors which I picked up from my local Boots store. I've never really taken the opportunity to give these nail polishes a go as I thought they would be bad quality at £1.99. However, I tried a swatch of '24/7' last night and the colour is so bold and bright, I loved it! I don't usually wear pink on my nails as I'm worried it will clash with my outfit but this is just so neon and amazing I couldn't resist. I can imagine this looking great on my toes on holiday so it's definitely coming with me! 'Hazard' is more of a muted orange shade which will be more suitable for the Autumn season as a nice transition from my coral obsession!

Maybelline Color Show 'Orange Attack' and Barry M Gelly Polish 'Papaya'

When I bought the Maybelline Babylips, Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on all Maybelline products so I picked up this Color Show nail polish too. I was really drawn to this colour as it's a bright coral shade with a really strong red tone. At a glance, this could be mistaken for a standard red nail polish but it looks more orange on the nail. I also picked up another Barry M Gelly polish to add to my collection. I've had my eye on 'Papaya' for a while now and I'm so glad I've finally got it. I love the pastel orange colour and think this will be the polish I wear on my nails whilst I'm away. I think Barry M Gelly polishes have a great glossy finish and last a long time so this will be perfect.

Mac 'Brownluxe' eyeshadow palette'

Lastly, I was very naughty at the airport and purchased this Mac eyeshadow palette on a complete whim. I'm always so tempted when the sales assistant says 'We only have one left', as this makes me seem to want it even more! I'm so glad I did buy it as the colours are absolutely beautiful and look even better on the eye. On Saturday night, I used the middle gold shade over the lid and the bottom dark brown shade in the crease and this created a lovely smokey eye. I found the eyeshadows blended together really well and stayed on my eyes all night. I think this has sold out pretty much everywhere now but if you see it, get it!


  1. love all the nail varnishes lovely!

  2. I have that primark crop, love it!

    I love the zara crop so much, i need it in my life! & baby lips...need to get my hands on them!

  3. wowow amazing! love the tops and all of the shoes <3


  4. I love this kinds of post, you always leave me craving so many things! The hologram sandals are amazing x

  5. I love those crop bra-let tops, so cute, id never have said the top one was primark, sometimes you really can find some good bits in there!

    Enjoy your holiday :)

    Lovely blog,Follow back if you like



  6. Those white topshop boots have been on my hitlist for so long!


  7. Ahhhh that MAC goodness looks so umm...GOOD!! And the Sinful Colors polishes really are amazing, I've been wearing the shade 'Island Coral' on my toes for like 2 weeks now and have no chips :D (awesome because I have no time to redo it right now haha)

    Holly Mixtures


  8. I am IN LOVE with that Zara necklace! It's the perfect Autumn colours. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

  9. You always make me want to shop haha! Love the Zara Statment Necklace!!