Thursday, 4 July 2013

Today I Bought #54

Sooo much to go through this week as I've been having a good old spend in preparation for my upcoming holiday! I can't begin to explain just how excited I am, 17 days and counting! These are all the things I've bought over the past few weeks so I've collected them all together in one big 'Today I Bought' post. I've also changed the usual layout of the post and decided to write paragraphs in between the photos. I think this makes it easier to read and saves you scrolling up and down all the time!

neon tops: both river island

I've a huge fan of anything bright and neon at the moment so these River Island tops really caught my eye. The floral print t-shirt sold out online quite quickly but I managed to pick it up in a local store within the last chance to buy section. I featured it in my latest outfit post 'Floral Neon', so check it out if you haven't already. The bright coral crop top is a simple statement piece I would wear with high-waisted jeans or a maxi skirt to create a casual but eye-catching look.

crop tops: both topshop

I've gone a little crazy on crop tops at the moment and bought this Topshop striped crop in a variety of colours. I haven't included them in this post otherwise it would be wayyy too long. The shape of these crops really reminds me of the American Apparel knitted bralettes, but are a fraction of the price at £8 or 2 for £10. I also picked up this strappy coral crop top which is a really basic item for the Summer season and could be dressed up or down to create a variety of outfits.

dresses: both h&m

I visited the Covent Garden H&M store over the weekend and found so many nice pieces which I don't usually see. I love the sunset print of this maxi dress, the colours used blend really well together and it's the perfect holiday maxi. I also picked up this cut-out shoulder mini dress featuring a tiger and floral print along the hemline. I pretty much love anything with a tiger on at the moment and think this baby blue shade will look lovely against tanned skin.

dipped hem skirt: h&m

This dipped hem skirt was also picked up from the Covent Garden H&M store over the weekend. I think this skirt is so pretty for during the Summer and definitely the perfect item to take on holiday. I love the way the back of the skirt floats when I walk and the exotic floral print really stands out. I'd probably wear this with a white crop top or plain nude body during either the day or evening.

crop tops: both asos

I've been really disappointed with Asos lately after a few orders where the products look nothing like they did on the website. I stopped purchasing anything from Asos for a while but tried again lately with these two crop tops. Luckily, I love them both and I'm already looking forward to wearing the leather one on Saturday night. I found a really similar leather crop top in & Other Stories over the weekend, but this Asos one is much nicer and cheaper at £14.

tortoise shell clutch bag: h&m

I saw this tortoise shell clutch bag on the H&M website but couldn't find it in any of the stores until I visited the Covent Garden one. I was really reluctant to buy it online as I've heard that H&M deliveries can take up to 2 weeks to arrive?! I had a little scream when I finally found it and can't wait to use it on upcoming nights out.

handbag: chanel

I was lucky enough to receive this lovely Chanel handbag from my beautiful Momma as an extra special hand-me-down! I'm so in love with the gold hardware detailing, the Chanel letters along the top makes the bag look so vintage. I've already used this so many times over the past week and it's a great size for both the daytime and evening. I'm a bit scared it might get ruined on a night out so I'm saving it for during the day or special occasions!

boots: topshop

I featured these Topshop boots in my latest outfit post 'LA California' and I've already fallen in love. At first, I was unsure as I thought they were too 'grungy' for my style. However, after trying them on with some outfits at home I decided to keep them and now really like them! I haven't seen them online or in any other stores yet but I'm sure they will be around soon. I think they are the perfect boots for dressing down a Summer dress and could also be worn in the Winter.

earring collection: topshop

I also seem to wear the same studs in my ears, I have 3 in one ear and 2 in the other and I'm too lazy to change them! I saw this cute earring collection in Topshop today and couldn't resist a cheeky purchase. They never usually have any of the 'L' jewellery left so I grabbed it whilst I could. I really love the tiny little gold Ls and the rose gold spiked studs. I've already put a combination of them in my ears so now they're here to stay!

make-up brushes: real techniques duo fibre limited edition collection

I'm a massive fan of the Real Techniques brushes and own pretty much every brush in the collections. When I saw this duo fibre limited edition collection I didn't even hesitate picking it up! The brushes are incredibly soft and the collection includes a face brush, a contour brush and an eye brush. I've only used the contour brush so far but I'm really impressed with how well this blends in my blusher without rubbing any of my foundation away like many brushes do. I would highly recommend this collection if you haven't already snapped it up!

lipstick: mac 'neon orange', lip pencil: mac 'lasting sensation'

I'm mad about any coral/ orange lipsticks so the new Mac 'Neon Orange' is no exception. 'Neon Orange' is an extremely bright lipstick within the amplified collection. I haven't actually worn this yet as the colour scares me a little, but I might wear it on Saturday night to brighten up my outfit. I also purchased the 'Lasting Sensation' lip liner which is a slightly duller shade of orange. I bought this to neaten up the outline of my lips when using any orange lipstick as things can sometimes get a little messy!

lipsticks: revlon 'kiss me coral', 'kiss me coral lipgloss', 'tutti frutti'

As you can see, I've bought wayyy too many coral lipsticks at the moment but I can't resist for some reason! My favourite has got to be the Revlon 'Tutti Frutti' shade, purely because it's a lovely citrus shade of orange and gives my lips lots of moisture. I bought the 'Kiss Me Coral' lipstick to layer over some of my drier coral lipsticks to prevent them from drying out my lips. 

lipsticks: illamasqua 'over' and smashbox 'melondrama'

More lipsticks...these two are very similar shades but the Smashbox 'Melondrama' has a slightly pinker undertone whereas the Illamasqua 'Over' is more orange based. I've never purchased any Smashbox make-up before and so far I really like this lipsticks. It glides onto the lip really easily and has quite a creamy texture. Illamasqua 'Over' has quite a dry formula so this will probably need a gloss on top to prevent it from drying my lips out.

nail polish: orly 'orange punch' and 'melodious utopia'

I popped into my local beauty spa yesterday and couldn't resist picking up a few new nail polishes for the Summer. I chose this Orly 'Orange Punch' which is a bright neon orange shade and 'Melodious Utopia' which is a pastel yellow shade with a subtle hint of glitter. I'm currently wearing the 'Orange Punch' shade and it really is as bright as it looks in the bottle! I would compare it to Models Own 'Hedonist' is terms of brightness with a more orange tone.

nail polish: topshop 'beacon' and 'venus fly trap'

I had some left over vouchers to spend in Topshop today so picked up these two nail polishes - 'Beacon' and 'Venus Fly Trap'. I really love the green/ gold shade of glitter in 'Beacon' and think this would really glisten in the sunlight. I've been looking for a pastel lime shade of nail polish for ages but most have been too yellow. 'Venus Fly Trap' is the perfect shade of pastel green and I'm already looking forward to applying it next. I think this would look really great with 'Beacon' as an accent nail on my ring finger, what do you think?

body care: soap and glory sugar crush body wash and body buttercream

After watching Tanya Burr's latest youtube video of her favourite beauty products, I was quick to snap up these products from Soap & Glory. As soon as I heard they were a strong scent of lime I knew I had to have them! I picked up the Body Wash and Body Buttercream and both of them smell absolutely divine! They have a very citrus scent to them which you just can't stop sniffing and they aren't sickly at all. I've been using the Body Buttercream after every shower and it really soaks into your skin leaving it soft and smelling delicious.
sun care: piz buin after sun* and wet skin transparent sun spray*

As my holiday is just round the corner, I can't wait to try out these new Piz Buin products. The 'Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray' is designed to be sprayed onto wet or dry skin, meaning you don't have to wait for your skin to dry before applying and it won't come off when wet. The After Sun will also be great for soothing my skin after a day in the sun as after a while I do tend to go a little pink if I'm not careful! I'm not sure if these products have been released in stores yet but keep your eyes out for them.
face wipes: johnson's make up be gone 'clear skin' wipes*

Last up, I've been using these Johnson's MakeUp Be Gone Clear Skin wipes since my usual Simple make-up wipes have been really drying out lately. I find these wipes to be much more moisturising and successful at removing most of my make-up and even waterproof mascara. I haven't developed any spots or blemishes since using them as well which is also a good sign! Again, I don't think these are available in store yet but as soon as they are I would highly recommend picking a pack up!


  1. Love the Revlon lipsticks and the crop tops! Been looking out for the new Real Techniques brushes myself.

  2. The 'over' lipstick looks a lovely shade! You have such great taste, I love the Chanel bag, it's precious, lucky girl :-)

  3. I love the RI neon tops, Chanel bag, and Soap&Glory products. I have the sugar crush exfoliator and it smells divine!

    Charlotte xo

  4. I wish my mum could hand me down a Chanel bag!

  5. that sunset h&m dress is amazing, shame they dont have it on their site :( and HOW AMAZING is that Chanel bag *_* im in love.

    and how many holidays do you go on gurl! haha so lucky
    victoriasanusi x

  6. Love those river island crops
    S xx

  7. Ohhhh I might actually cry if I don't get my greedy hands on that sunset dress before my own holiday! Something tells me I've got no chance haha...
    It is gorgeous though! Lucky girl :) you always have such beautiful things!

    Holly Mixtures