Monday, 10 June 2013

So Good To Me

vest: zara
jeans: forever 21
shoes: topshop
necklace: topshop
bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
ring: ebay
nails: models own 'hedonist'
lips: mac 'sweet & sour'

So shattered after a really busy weekend, I didn't manage to do any posts as I had no spare time! I only really dressed up for a night out on Saturday and I don't tend to feature evening outfits anymore. As much as I love some of the things I wear, I do tend to stick to crop tops and skirts so the posts would become a little repetitive.

I've had an incredibly lazy day, and to finish it off I'm having a huge takeaway at my boyfriend's house and watching endless movies. I'm also going to help him to choose a new car which is the reason why I've bothered to get dressed up at all. I'm giving my new Forever 21 neon jeans a go since buying them last week. I never used to wear jeans but now I reckon I own over 15 pairs! I don't have many colourful ones so this bright coral shade really caught my eye. I thought I'd struggle with the length as Forever 21 don't offer various leg lengths but they're not too bad. I've rolled them up slightly at the ankle but that's only because I prefer mine shorter anyway. I'm wearing my really old Zara knitted vest which has always been one of my favourites during the warmer months. I love the textured knit effect and it has a lovely shape with a low back and low armholes. I'm also wearing my exceedingly large Topshop necklace which is actually weighing my down slightly! I saw this in the Oxford Street store and just said 'wow...', no other words are needed!

During last week, I visited my local Mac store to pick up some make-up from the new All About Orange collection. I've always moaned about Mac never having any light orange/ coral lip shades so I jumped for joy when I heard about this collection. I picked up 'Sweet & Sour' which I'm wearing in this post, along with 'Tart & Trendy' and 'Sushi Kiss'. 'Sweet and Sour' is a really light pink/ coral shade which is the perfect colour for during the day. It gives good colour coverage across the lip and has a glossy finish so my lips don't dry out. I'm pretty sure most of these shades have sold out by now but I highly recommend snapping them up if you haven't done so already!


  1. This is such a lovely summery outfit, so cute. x

  2. Gorgeous necklace!!
    xx Ayesha

  3. Your necklace is amazing! and I love the colour of your jeans!

  4. Love your blog!

  5. love love this! xo

  6. Can I just say your makeup is flawless! So pretty!

    I also love your trousers! Talk about a statement piece! :)