Thursday, 28 February 2013

Barking up the wrong tree

blouse: primark
skirt: primark
shoes: american apparel
bag: céline
necklace: new look
watch: michael kors
bracelet: marc by marc jacobs
ring: marc by marc jacobs
lips: topshop 'macaroon'
nails: models own 'pink fizz'

Unfortunately I am still at home, caught this horrible virus which has been going around that I was bound to get as my immune system is awful! I was meant to be travelling back down to London today but really didn't feel up to it so I've got a few more days at home to recover and be waited on hand and foot! I haven't got my camera or anything with me as I was only meant to stay for the weekend so this outfit post is one from last week which I didn't get round to posting due to Fashion Week.

I very rarely shop in Primark, not because of the cheap prices or anything but just because I never really find anything in there that I like. So, it's pretty rare you will catch me in an outfit featuring two Primark pieces! I bought this doggy blouse ages ago and I have to admit, it has stood the test of time as I've worn it many times and it's still in mint condition. I love the french bulldog print, it's a really cute look and ideal for workwear or a daytime outfit. I've tucked in into my pleated pleather skirt which is also a really old purchase but one that I still love. It comes in so handy on days when I'm fed up of wearing leggings and it is so versatile. I've worn it to work, shopping trips, nights out and even on holiday so it really is suitable for any occasion and can be dressed up or down in so many ways. 

These photographs were taken a while ago, since then I've gone slightly blonder and had all of my extensions re-done which is the best feeling in the world! I always get asked questions like "Well, aren't they so expensive?", "Don't they pull your hair out?", "They don't last that long, do they?", but frankly I couldn't live without them! Yes, they are expensive. But mine tend to last me around 6-7 months (if maintained well) and they actually end up protecting my real hair as this is covered by the extensions. I've never experienced any loss or damage of my hair but I guess it depends what suits your hair type and the look you are wanting to achieve. For anybody who is interested, my extensions are by a brand called Great Lengths which are probably the best quality out there at the moment but they are pretty pricey. Unless you have thin, wispy hair like me and want to achieve a fuller and longer look, you can always use clip-ins which I find work just as well but are quite uncomfortable and fiddly. If you have any further questions feel free to send me an email!


  1. Lovely outfit and your hair looks gorg! x

  2. Well darling you look fabulous as always. Love the french bulldog print on the shirt - great buy from Primark. Also in love with the Celine - such fabulous colours!

    Eda x

  3. Hey I love your blog I am just wondering what blush/bronzer you use on your cheeks as your makeup always looks really nice and glowy?

    1. Thank you! I use Bobbi Brown 'Bali Brown' blusher with Mac 'Whisper of Gilt' highlighter x

  4. such a cute look! x

  5. The blouse is so cute! May need to take a trip to Primark soon.