Monday, 21 January 2013

Today I bought #45

striped blouse: zara
diamond print blouse: h&m
monochrome tee: h&m
colour block blouse: topshop
heels: kurt geiger
jewel necklace: river island
stone necklace: topshop
lip gloss: maybelline super stay 10 hour lipgloss 'endless ruby', 'timeless plum' and 'forever fuchsia'
lipstick: topshop 'macaroon'

I finally have the internet back, hallelujah! Over the past few days I've actually felt like I've lost an arm or something, it really puts into perspective just how much I rely on modern technology. I didn't get round to taking any outfit posts over the weekend or today as I have just started my new job so everything is all over the place at the moment. Also, the snow has forced me to just wear layers upon layers of the warmest items I own so I haven't really been wearing any of my new bits and pieces. 

I thought I'd show some of my new purchases over the past week or so as I haven't done one of these for a while. Since starting work I've definitely seen an increase in the amount of shirts and blouses I buy, it seems to be the only pieces that attract me when I walk into a shop. I'm big on monochrome stripes and prints at the moment, along with colour blocking so these blouses and smart tops I have bought pretty much revolve around that style. I particularly love the short sleeved  contrast block blouse from Topshop. I really wanted to wear this for my first day at Styloko but short sleeves are a definite no no in this weather.

I don't think I've mentioned this but it is infact my 21st birthday in a couple of weeks time, yay! Actually...I don't know why I've just said yay because the thought of being 21 actually quite scares me. I've been on the hunt for the perfect party dress lately and haven't found anything but did come across these beautiful Kurt Geiger heels. I love the perspex heart detailing and this looks really effective when they are on the foot. They were a mega splurge at £160 but you're only 21 once ey!

I'd also just like to gush about these incredible 10 hour lip glosses from Maybelline. I actually saw a girl using 'forever fuchsia' on the tube and loved the look so managed to hunt them down. They have a really strong colour coverage and don't dry out my lips due to the glossy finish. I wouldn't say they last 10 hours but they definitely last a while. I didn't have to re-apply after scoffing my Pret tuna baguette today so that speaks wonders.


  1. lovely choices, love the monochrome top and the shoes! x

  2. love those Kurt Geiger shoes!