Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The animal inside

oversized blouse: topshop (sale)
leggings: american apparel
boots: topshop
earrings: topshop
spike bracelet: h&m
watch: michael kors
ring: topshop
nails: maxfactor 'angel nails'
lips: tom ford 'nude vanille'

I'm back in London and officially an intern at Draper's magazine, how exciting is that?! I've always loved design but I felt like I should venture into other aspects of the fashion industry so I can really decide what I want to do when I leave University. I've always dreamed about working for a fashion magazine so this really is a dream come true!

I was toying with the idea of wearing something quite smart and simple to make a good first impression...and then I went for leopard print! In all honesty, I never wear anything 'smart and simple' so this is just sticking to the real me. I love love love this animal print shirt I bought during the online sales and haven't had the chance to wear it yet so today seemed like the perfect day. I'm not a huge leopard print fan but the colours used within this print aren't the usual tacky shades of leopard print. The yellow tones have been enhanced and mixed with a shade of blue, the fact the fabric is sheer also softens the print so it isn't so garish.

I need to express my love for this Maxfactor 'Angel Nail' polish I received in a Maxfactor gift box during the Christmas period when I spent over £10 in Boots on their products. I was worried this polish would come out really silver, I always wear gold so didn't want them to clash. However, the shade of the polish is more of a pewter with a dash of lilac and it really glistens on the nail. I'm a big fan of Maxfactor polishes so this is just another to add to my ever growing collection!


  1. I love the shirt! Look gorgeous as ever! x

  2. looks lovely on you! x

  3. Love this shirt, what a great find in the sales!xx

  4. This outfit is soo cute! Would love to see some make up tutorials, yours is always flawless! :)

  5. love your ankle boots! like the western style to them!