Friday, 18 January 2013

Sheer Stripes

top: french connection
leggings: american apparel
dancing shoes: american apparel
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
ring: topshop
nails: jacava 'damson delight'
lips: sleek 'mystic'

What a nightmare today has already been and it's only 1pm! Unfortunately BT have royally screwed up our Broadband and phone line so I have been without internet for the past 48 hours which has been pure torture! Therefore, I have trekked in the snow to the nearest Cafe Nero to steal their WIFI until ours in fixed. Not even 5cm of snow will stop me from blogging! I've already fallen over twice, dropped my iPad and slipped on the wet floor so it has not been my finest moment.

Last night I was treated to the most insanely amazing meal at Bodean's in Clapham and some naughty cocktails beforehand. I used this as an opportunity to wear my fancy new statement necklace which I actually spotted whilst browsing Topshop's instagram photos. I think it is a tad bit Summery for the weather at the moment, what with all the bright gems used within the design but I couldn't resist. I've worn it with this black sheer stripe top which I purchased during a sample sale whilst I was interning at French Connection before Christmas. I love anything black/ mesh so this was right up my street and I also think it really flatters the waistline. I also wore my pewter AA lycra leggings which don't often get many outings as I always wear my black ones but I still am very fond of them.

I'm hoping our Internet will be fixed within the next few days. Until then I will either be coming to Cafe Nero on a daily basis or taking my laptop with me to work. I'm starting a new job with a company called Styloko on Monday which I'm really excited about. They are an online fashion website where you can find all your favourite brands in one place and create your own Scrapbook along with an online blog. If you haven't already heard of them, check it out!


  1. I absolutely adore that necklace but can't find it online. Can I ask which branch you got it from? Was it a London one? Thanks!


  2. love that necklace, so pretty! x

  3. Absolutely lovee that necklace and blouse, lucky that you got to get them in a sample sale x

  4. Your top is lovely, it's really different! x

  5. I need that top! Love it. x

  6. that is a fabulous top! i love it paired with the disco pants!