Monday, 14 January 2013

Jacava Nail Polish: Damson Delight

(from left to right):
'Marrakech Nights'*
'Damson Delight'*
'City Heights'*

I've always maintained my nails and experimented with different types of nail art from a young age. There's nothing I love more than a Sunday pamper night where I sit in my comfiest clothes wearing a face mask with wet hair and painting my nails. Therefore, I was delighted to receive this little bunch of lovely Jacava nail polishes in the post last week for me to experiment with. 

Jacava is a British nail polish brand based in London which offers a wide range of nail polishes from neutral shades to pinks, plums, glitters and browns. None of their polishes contain any nasty chemicals that can harm your nails which is ideal as I find some polishes can make my nails weak or brittle. 

When it comes to nail polish I'm either one of two extremes - soft and neutral or really really dark. I decided to opt for the deep berry shade of 'Damson Delights' as I thought this was pretty suitable for the Winter season. I applied 2-3 coats of the polish to create an extremely deep colour but 1 coat would be enough for a lighter but full colour coverage. I found that the polish took a few minutes to dry as I had applied some extra coats and I also ran my nails under cold water to set the polish. I was really pleased with the finished effect - the polish dries with an incredible high shine and glossy finish without even applying a top coat. I find that applying a top coat can often cause the nails to smudge and never properly dry so this was an added bonus.

From using Jacava polish in comparison to drugstore products, I can tell that this polish is much more luxurious and high quality. Each bottle is priced at £14.50 so it does fit within the high end bracket of nail polish but the range of gorgeous colours, glossy effect and long-lasting formula is worth the extra pennies. I've been lifting heavy boxes all day at Draper's and not one chip!


  1. love this! reddish blacks are always gorgeous :) x

  2. Gorgeous colour, perfect for this season! xx