Friday, 31 August 2012

Today I bought #39

crop top: americal apparel
leggings: americal apparel
dress: topshop
foundation: yves saint laurent 'le teint touche éclat shade b60'
iPad case: ted baker
heels: kurt geiger

Had a girly day with my momma at the Bullring during this week and was on the hunt to find a nice dress to wear to my friend's 21st this Saturday. I get asked quite often what I would wear to formal events and I have to admit I usually avoid long/ fitted dresses and go for the cute short option. However, I found this nude fitted origami style dress in Topshop and instantly fell in love. The fit is perfect with the low cut neckline and tight midi length which is a shape I have never worn before. It also looks really nice against tanned skin so I have to make the most of it whilst my tan lasts! I was extremely naughty and bought these studded Kurt Geiger heels to go with it. I always struggle walking in open-foot heels and usually wear a wedge/ boot style shoe but these fit like a glove so my feet don't slip out. They are also the kind of heel which will go with so many outfits and can be worn during any month of the year. 

I also picked up this racer-front style nude crop top and crazy patterned leggings from the American Apparel section in Selfridges. I'd been looking for some patterned leggings and was really drawn to these, I've already worn them 3 times so they were a good investment. I have been so spoilt this week, my mom also bought me the new iPad 3 so I bought this adorable glitter bow case from Ted Baker to keep it from getting scratched. I never used to see the point of iPads but now I can't believe how I lived without one, plus it will come in useful when travelling on the tubes when I move to London soon. Lastly, I needed a new foundation so picked up the new YSL touché éclat which I've heard rave reviews about. I haven't actually tried it out yet as I'm still using the last few blobs out of my Mac foundation so I'll let you know what it's like once I have.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Check yourself

shirt: zara
skirt: primark
boots: zara
bracelet: topshop
watch: michael kors
lips: barry m 154

Just a quirky as I'm in a rush to head out the door any minute and won't have time to post this later! Got a lovely day planned with my Momma to go shopping and have some lunch, even though the weather is disastrous we shall not let it ruin our day! I bought this checked shirt whilst I was away in Marbella last month, I never ever wear green or blue really so this was a really random purchase for me. I thought it would be nice for during the Winter months with either this pleated leather-look skirt which I purchased ageeeees ago or my usual black AA leggings. I think the pleated leather skirt gives it a sort of 'school girl' type look which is the complete opposite to my usual looks but I actually really like it. The studded detailing on the shirt and the studded boots bring my little spin into it! Must dash, hope everyone has a lovely day despite this awful rain!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spike up your life

peplum top: *
leggings: american apparel
heels: chockers
belt: zara
bracelets: topshop
watch: michael kors

Just realised how orange I look in these photos, oops! At least the tan is real and not out of a bottle so that's a good enough excuse for me. I went out for Bank Holiday on Sunday night and decided to wear my new spiked peplum top which was sent to me by It has a slight dipped hemline so it suitable to wear with leggings or shorts and I love the spiked detailing on the padded shoulders. I paired this with my trusty AA high waisted lycra leggings and felt very 'cat woman-esque' I must admit! The combination of the spiked waist belt and matching spiked wedges was also a rather dangerous decision, I had to be careful how hard I hugged people! I'm a big stud/ spiked fan at the moment and these styles of embellishments definitely spice up your outfit if you're going on a night out. 

I'm having a really lazy day today and might attempt to put some more of my clothes on eBay. I need to start sorting out all my clothes which I am taking to London with me so may as well kill two birds with one stone. If anyone has any eBay tips they want to share I would be very grateful as so far I've discovered I am pretty useless, thanks!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Today I bought #38

embellished t-shirt: topshop
vest: urban outfitters
peplum top: *
cross t-shirt: *
lipstick: louise gray 'mexican wave' for topshop
dove nourishing oil care: boots
necklace: asos
studded clutch bag: primark
studded slippers: ebay

Just a quick post to show some bits and bobs that I've been buying over the past week since I've been home. I featured this embellished t-shirt on my last 'Lusting After' post so purchased it whilst I was at the Bullring along with this tie-dye/ lace printed vest. I was desperately in need of some daytime tops as I usually buy going out clothes then have nothing to wear during the day. Although this post is about items I have bought, I was very lucky to be sent this studded peplum top and cross t-shirt by the lovely MissPap team at We all know how much of a stud/ spike addict I've become at the moment so this peplum top was right up my street, I'm planning to wear it tonight with either my AA lycra leggings or black shorts so I'll be sure to do an outfit post. It will go so well with my new Louise Gray 'Mexican Wave' lipstick which is a really vibrant orangey/ red shade which is perfect for brightening up an all black outfit. I also really liked the over-sized shape of this cross t-shirt for a relaxed and casual look. 

I've been using this Dove nourishing oil care spray for the last few washes and I can definitely see a difference within the softness of my hair. I use it on wet hair just after it has been washed and spray from root to tip and then comb through. I've noticed that my hair is much easier to comb through as it is prone to being knotty due to my extensions and feels softer once dried, highly recommend! I posted these leopard print spiked pumps on my Instagram and had many people ask where they are from. I randomly bought them on eBay the other week and it turns out I actually really like them. If you click on 'eBay' at the top I've included the link to the seller, they are also available in a range of different colours and are a definite bargain. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Bank Holiday!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Cold shouldered Cleopatra

top: asos
leggings: american apparel
boots: topshop
socks: topshop
necklace: mango
bracelets: both topshop
ring: bijou brigitte
lips: topshop 'whimsical'

I couldn't have jumped out of bed any quicker this morning when I heard the doorbell ring with my ASOS delivery parcel! I ordered this extreme cut-out shoulder top featuring a monochrome graphic print along with a black version and a rose gold spiked necklace, all of which I love. I decided to wear this top today with my usual black AA high-waisted lycra leggings. I love the low cut-out shoulder shape of the top, sometimes it feels like it's slipping down your arm but I really like the loose look. I also love the graphic print, I'm not usual a 'print' fan but this one is quite subtle in a way. I wasn't too sure about over doing the jewellery with this outfit but I actually think this large gold cuff necklace makes the outfit. I tried on my thinner rose gold cuff necklace but it didn't look right, it needed something large enough to cover the neckline. 

As I bought this top in a plain black version as well, I was on the hunt for some patterned leggings today as my AA black ones will look too black. I didn't have any luck but found these embellished leggings on ASOS but I'm not too sure they would be flattering on my short legs! The majority of patterned leggings I've come across have been quite tacky so any recommendations are welcome! I also posted some shoes on my eBay last night so for anybody interested here is the link and I will be adding some clothes later next week.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Little talks

cardigan: zara
top: zara
leggings: american apparel
boots: zara
bracelets: both topshop
ring: bijou brigitte
lips: mac 'creme d'nude'

Bit of a Zara overload today but I've been dying to wear this studded vest and matching boots ever since I bought them in Marbella last week but the weather was far too hot! I bought the top in a size M so that the length was slightly longer so could be worn with leggings. I also like how the armholes and back have a much lower and looser fit so it looks more casual and relaxed. These AA black high-waisted lycra leggings have been a staple item in my wardrobe for the past 6 months. For anyone that doesn't own a pair I highly recommend, not only do they suck you in really well but the high-shine fabric instantly gives an outfit a more glamorous look. With these studded boots it was love at first sight, black leather and gold studs just has me written all over it! They are also dead comfortable as the heel isn't too high so they can be worn day to day. I'm not too sure if they are available in the UK yet but these were priced at €65 which is around £52...I think.

I've had a few messages regarded what nail polish I was wearing in this post and the last, unfortunately this is not a nail polish but I really wish it was so I could buy 957392 bottles! I had a gel manicure at a salon called Nails 4 Us in Marbella and this was just a gold glitter gel they used. I really love this glitter colour because when caught in bright light the particles sparkle rainbow shades. I'm also hoping the hard gel coating will help my nails to grow as I'm trying to give them a break from wearing nail extensions. My nails don't tend to suffer much from extensions but it's always a nice thought to have your own natural long nails! For those interested, I am planning to put some items on eBay today, my username is 'lydiafayejones' so take a look if you fancy.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Forever and a day

body: marks & spencer
shorts: zara
sandals: river island
necklace: topshop
ring: bijou brigitte
watch: michael kors

I can't believe today is my last day in Marbella! I can't exactly complain as I've had 6 glorious weeks in the sunshine but it's sad to think that I won't be here till next year. I'm actually weirdly looking forward to being home and actually feeling cold for once, I can't remember what that feels like! I went out in Puerto Banus last night for my brother's birthday and had dinner at a lovely Greek restaurant. I wasn't sure I liked Greek food but once I saw halloumi and chicken I felt right at home! I wore this plain black body which has a low scooped neckline and back similar to the style of the American Apparel leotards which just about everyone own but a fraction of the price. I also wore my new embellished Zara shorts which are perfect for going out on holiday and look really nice with a tan. The only problem is that as these shorts were so cheap, the embroidery isn't done to a very high standard so many of the sequins are already falling off. I guess that's what you get when you mix highly embellished products with cheap fast fashion but oh well! 

I'm spending the majority of my day packing my suitcase which I absolutely hate, I end up just screwing everything into balls or leaving things behind. It doesn't help that most of my clothes are covered in sand so I can guarantee that just about everything in my suitcase will become sandy too. The weather isn't that great today either but I'm hoping it clears up in time so I can catch some last minute rays! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Today I bought #37

white studded blouse: mango
tartan studded shirt: zara
tie-dye vest: pull and bear
bra: h&m
shorts: zara
rings: bijou brigitte
necklace: mango
waistbelt: zara
boots: zara
purse: zara

Just thought I'd post some photos of bits and pieces that I've bought whilst I've been over in Marbella. The shopping tends to be not that great unless you can afford designer clothes but the Zara is absolutely amazing over here (and cheaper!) which makes up for it. As you can see most of my purchases feature gold studs, I've become slightly addicted at the moment! My favourite item has to be the black/ gold studded Zara boots, these are going to become my everyday Autumn/ Winter boots and they are absolute beauties. I've also been buying a few blouses/ shirts recently for my internship which I begin in late September. The dress code is fairly casual so I'm thinking a buttoned up blouse with leggings and boots will be my usual style for work.

As much as I find it weird posting a photo of my bra on the internet I had to share how lovely this one is! I love the racerback style with the lace fabric and the gold clasp at the centre front is how you fasten the bra which really enhances your cleavage. Always a plus! I saw a girl wearing these sequin shorts around Puerto Banus and assumed they were All Saints due to the sequin embellishment style so I was quite surprised when I found them in Zara today. I really like the use of the light pastel colours contrasted with the dark gold but some of the sequins have already fallen off so I'm tempted to return them. 

I'm incredibly poor at the moment due to two holidays in Marbella and my spending habit getting out of control! Therefore, I have decided to make the use of eBay when I return home and start selling all of my clothes/ shoes which I no longer need. Although no doubt this will result in spending the money on more clothes/ shoes I don't need but oh well! I won't be starting this till I get back to the UK next week and start sorting out all my stuff, but for anybody who is interested my eBay username is 'lydiafayejones', thanks!