Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Now you see me...

jacket: topshop
blouse: new look
leggings: american apparel
boots: zara
rings: topshop

Sorry for the lack of substantial posts lately! Last week was ridiculously hectic, had to search for a flat in London and sign for it the following day so I have been a very busy bee. We managed to find a really lovely apartment in Clapham so I'm moving down there to start my internship with French Connection in September, exciting stuff! I'm so glad the weather has finally cooled down because I've been dying to wear this camo jacket for the past two weeks. This is definitely going to become a staple item within my A/W wardrobe, I love the rolled up sleeves and the fabric is quite lightweight which is good because I hate heavy jackets. I've paired it with this sheer floral blouse which I bought last year, infact I featured it in one of my first every outfit posts. Some people are really against wearing just a bra underneath a sheer blouse but I'm all for it, who cares!

I'm in love with my new suede/ studded Zara boots, they're dead comfortable and perfect for this time of year when the weather isn't too bad. I wasn't keen on wearing them with black leggings because I think it gives the illusion of shorter legs but it compliments my blouse so well I couldn't resist. I had my nails re-done today at a local salon, I used to only wear stick-on falsies but for holiday season proper extensions are much easier. I'm heading back to Marbella next week so I think this dark nude/ glitter shade will look perfect with a tan!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lusting after #27

dip-dye dress: topshop
skull bracelet: romwe
wedges: topshop
blouse: miss selfridge
studded pumps: miss selfridge
striped body: ark clothing
sheer dress: miss selfridge

I have officially gone cold turkey on shopping for 8 days and it's proving to be quite the challenge. The only good thing is that I'm searching through my old clothes for once and wearing things again in different styles rather than just buying something new. However, this has not stopped me from browsing online shops constantly, wishing I had a money tree growing in my back garden! These are just a few pieces I really like that are around at the moment. I especially love this dip-dye dress with the chain details at the shoulders. This would be perfect for going out on the night with my black JCs and some bright lippy but could also be worn during the day with black tights and my Adonis boots. I also like this sheer dress with a nude body underneath and the embroidery at the neckline. I always look at dresses like this and think 'ahh how nice' but never end up purchasing them because I can't really think of where I would wear it apart from a special occasion. 

I mentioned in a previous post I was looking for some new flats and I like these studded pumps as a replacement for my grotty Topshop Vectras. I do want something different though so I'm still on the hunt. I also found these gorgeous black wedges which I really don't need but can still dream about. I love the thick straps across the foot and the contrast of the light wedge, perfect for making a light Summer dress look more grungy. I'm off out tonight even though I'm full of hay fever, nothing will keep me away from having a good time! I may also outfit repeat for the first time in my life and wear the same outfit I wore on the weekend, I'm a changed woman already...

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


t-shirt: asos
shorts: zara
bag: zara
shoes: topshop
necklace: h&m
peace ring: topshop

Another lovely day spent in the park sipping cider out of a champagne flute, we know how to live the life! As much as I love Summer, hay fever is royally kicking my arse which is really irritating. I haven't worn this ombre´ t-shirt in ages because sometimes it feels too over-sized so it's difficult to wear under a jacket. It is slightly too long to wear with shorts as you can be mistaken for wearing nothing underneath! To avoid this I tied it in a knot at the side and this also made it more fitted so it didn't feel so big. I paired it with my new favourite frayed denim shorts which I haven't been able to take off since I bought them in Marbella. I've mentioned before that they are really similar to the ones available on Nasty Gal but were only €19.95. 

I really need to invest in some new daytime flats which aren't a pair of boots or trainer style shoe. I love these studded flats but they are coming to the end of their time and are beginning to look quite grotty! I am tempted to just buy another pair of these as a replacement but I'm always looking for something new and different, any suggestions?

Monday, 23 July 2012

Sweet life

top: topshop
shorts: topshop
boots: topshop
bag: zara
socks: johnathan aston
necklace: topshop
ring: topshop
skull bracelet: marbella market
spiked bracelet: topshop

I've done it again...my entire outfit down to my boots is made up of items from Topshop! My bad...it's pretty hard to avoid considering the majority of my wardrobe is from Topshop. Maybe I should set myself a challenge one day and try to wear nothing that is Topshop related? I would miserably fail. I can't believe how nice the weather has been today, I can finally show off my tan and not hide beneath big jumpers and leggings. I bought this cut-out shoulder top a while ago but I'm pretty sure it is still in stock and available in black, white and a darker grey. It's a bit of an awkward length so I decided to pair it with these lace trimmed cycling shorts which are really old but always come in useful when you don't feel like wearing short shorts or a maxi skirt during the nice weather. I do you have to wear them with quite a long top otherwise they aren't very flattering unless you are blessed with long thin legs! 

These boots aren't exactly the epitome of Summer but I love the 'grunge' look they create and can be worn with so many different things. Today I paired them with a pair of white socks to make them look slightly more feminine (and to stop them from rubbing!). My nails are beginning to grow out but as the base coat is a light pink it isn't obvious so I'm planning on keeping them another week or so. I do miss not changing my nails weekly but at the same time I love this gradual golden glitter style. I might try to recreate this with Models Own Ibiza Mix over a lilac shade, thoughts?

Friday, 20 July 2012

Lusting after #26

tank dress: river island
spiked bralet: ark clothing
belt: asos
nike blazers: nike @ asos
spiked bracelet: asos
blazer: river island

There are soooo many things I really want at the moment and having no money just makes me browse the internet at ridiculous times of the morning! Sometimes I really do wish money grew on trees. Maybe this will become a learning curve so I only buy things that I really want and stop pushing things to the back of my wardrobe after one wear. Items like the slouched blazer, tank dress and Nike blazer trainers are ones I could see becoming staple items within my A/W wardrobe. The blazer and the dress are pretty neutral so could be worn in many different ways to create different looks. I've wanted a pair of Nike blazers for ages but just never commit to buying a pair but I really like this light grey/ lavender shade although they would get completely wrecked very quickly! 

I really like this 'stud' trend at the moment but I tend to lean towards the spiked studs rather than the flat ones. I love this metal plate waist belt with the studded band but I'm always really wary about ordering belts from the internet because I've got a small waist and never know how it will fit. I also really like this studded bralet from Ark, it's also available in black but I think the white is more suitable for Summer and will look good with a tan. Only 18 days to go and counting...

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Today I bought #36

camouflage jacket: topshop
slouched cardigan: primark
denim shirt: urban outfitters
crochet dress: river island
geometric t-shirt: forever 21
cropped t-shirt: urban outfitters
collar tips: topshop
dove pomegranate & lemon verbena deodorant and dove summer glow lotion: boots

This is my last super shopping trip for a while, I promise! My bank account is completely dry so I am forcing myself to stay away from any form of shops from now on. These are the bits and pieces I picked up from the Bullring yesterday, I didn't plan to buy much but I'd been kept away for so long! I've wanted a camouflage jacket for ages to pair with ripped denim shorts and this Topshop one fitted the bill perfectly. I found a really similar one in Urban Outfitters for the exact same price but I always rely on Topshop! I never bother with the Primark in Birmingham as it's always so packed but I ventured in with my friend and found this really nice slouched knitted cardigan containing different threads of neutral tones, right up my street. It was priced at £14 which is quite expensive for Primark but considering I would usually dish out £30 for one in Topshop it was acceptable. I also picked up this low armhole denim shirt and cropped 'giants' t-shirt from Urban Outfitters within their Urban Renewal section. I'm going back to Marbella on August 7th and found this crochet beach cover up which I want to wear on a night out over there with maybe a bandeau dress underneath or a leotard with some shorts over the top. 

I'm not sure if I'm a massive fan of these collar tips I picked up, I haven't tried them on yet and they are attached through a pin fastening which I'm scared will ruin my collars. Might consider returning these depending on how they turn out once I give them a trial run. I'm trying to prolong my tan for as long as possible before I go back and my friend recommended this Dover Summer Glow nourishing lotion, has anybody tried it? I'm off for my first Nando's in a month which is one of the only things I have missed about the UK! Sad, I know haha.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Let me be your supernova

blouse: zara
leggings: american apparel
boots: topshop
bag: zara
necklace: topshop
rings: topshop

First day back in England and I'm covered up from head to toe, feels so weird not strolling around in a bikini all day wearing no make up! I bought this silk blouse whilst I was in Marbella, I've never been a big fan of paisley print but for some reason this really appealed to me. I think it's because the colours are quire neutral whereas most paisley prints are usually purple shades which aren't really my thing. I paired it with my favourite high-waisted black leggings which have been severely missed since I've been away. I bought these black boots just before I went away, I kind of wish I'd taken them with me because I imagined wearing them with ripped denim shorts but looking back they would've been way too hot. Guess I'm just gonna have to wait for a sunny day in the UK...very unlikely! 

I had my nails done with gel acrylics whilst I was away and decided on this continuous gold glitter style over a nude/ pink shade. They are meant to last around 4 weeks, I'm used to changing my nails every week so it will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get bored! I always wear gold and fairly neutral tones though so they should go with pretty much everything. I ended up buying far too much today whilst I was out on my travels, it was inevitable as I'd been deprived from my British high street for so long! I'll try and get round to doing a 'Today I bought' post tomorrow after my hair appointment. I'm considering having my light blonde lifted higher and a lighter root so my hair will be lighter in general, any suggestions?

Monday, 16 July 2012

Today I bought #35

shirts: both zara (€29.99)
skirt: zara (€29.95)
lipstick: yves saint laurent
shorts: zara (€19.95)
boots: zara (€69.95)
nail polish: sephora 'purple jewellery', maxfactor 'diva coral', maxfactor 'chilled lilac' & maxfactor 'pretty in pink'
bracelet: marbella market

Apologies for being missing for the past week or so, I was enjoying my last days of sunshine before I was forced to return to this awful weather! It completely sucks to be back...the only things I am looking forward to is Nandos and Topshop. I thought I'd post the purchases I made whilst I was away, I realise they are all mainly from Zara but the stock over there is just so so good and slightly cheaper than the UK. I bought these two silky shirts in the sale, they will come in really useful when I start my internship in September and have to dress slightly more sophisticated! I particularly love the little gold skull buttons on the peach shirt although I'm not sure they will stay fastened too well. I will probably never get to wear this maxi skirt before I go back to Marbella unless a miracle happens and the sun appears. I love khaki shades at the moment and this will look good with a black crop and some big gold jewels. 

I always loved the ripped/ frayed shorts by Nasty Gal and these are pretty much dupes for a fraction of the price! I've worn them to death already and only bought them last week, such a bargain. I also bought these studded ankle boots which were not so much of a bargain but hey, I've been well behaved lately and thought I'd treat myself. Definitely need to invest in some suede protector before I take these bad boys anywhere though. I love these little Max Factor nail polishes, they actually stay on really well and the colour is really vibrant which is always good when you have a tan. My favourite is 'pretty in pink', it's a really bold peachy shade and goes with everything. Lastly I bought this cute little skull bracelet from one of the market stalls in Puerto Banus. I'm definitely a fan of stacking up the arm candy at the moment so I'm on the hunt for some more small rope style ones whilst I'm back. 

I'm off to the Bullring tomorrow surprise surprise, I don't mess about! However, after 3 weeks of partying I am beyond poor so doubt there will be a lot to post about. I've also managed to leave my camera charger in Marbella so I might be able to do a quick outfit post if my battery doesn't die. I'm spending the evening in bed with a cup of tea and enjoying not being swelteringly hot for once, adios!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lusting after #25

fringe body: miss selfridge
necklace: topshop
fringe bralet: topshop
military shirt: topshop

I haven't done one of these posts in ages and seeing as I've been deprived from my beloved British high street shops for almost 3 weeks now it seemed appropriate! I keep saying that the one and only thing I miss about England is Topshop which is pretty sad...oh and Starbuck's coffee frappuchino but that is honestly about it! I have bought a few bits and bobs from the new Zara collection as the prices are slightly cheaper over here but apart from that I've been fairly well behaved.

I love this fringe body although I am not quite sure how it is intended to be worn. I'm pretty sure I don't have the balls to wear it on it's own but I'm guessing it would look incredible on someone with an amazing figure! This fringe bralet is more up my street but unfortunately it has sold out in pretty much every size online already so I'm hoping they get it back in stock asap so I can bring it back to Marbella with me when I come in August. This gold and silver statement necklace would look perfect with it, I'm a big fan of statement necklaces during the Summer season as they can be worn with simple maxi dresses or beach cover ups to create a more interesting look. I've heard the weather isn't too great in England and all my clothes consist of bikinis or maxi skirts so this military shirt will be suitable for my return! I love these khaki shades and army styles that are emerging at the moment and I can't resist the gold studded collar on this shirt.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Don't wake me up

crop: ark clothing
skirt: river island
sandals: river island
necklace: topshop
rings: topshop
lips: mac 'viva glam nicki'

I thought holidays were meant to be a time for relaxing by the pool and chilling at the beach? Well I've barely made it to the beach and my day has consisted of sleeping in the shade! Something is telling me that our 'quiet meals out' need to stop turning into these crazy nights where we don't make it home till the following afternoon! I also ended up watching Geordie Shore with Gaz (and forcing him to do the nose thing in about 100 photos which I'm sure he really appreciated...). Last night I wore this simple racer front crop with sheer side panels which I bought months ago but I've been saving it for the right outfit. I originally planned to wear it with my dip-dye maxi but I think it looks much better with this assymetric grey maxi. I wasn't too sure about the fit of this skirt when I first tried it on, it's not really high-waisted so it sits at an awkward place above the hips. But after wearing it last night I've decided I really like it and I actually find it quite flattering which is rare as I never wear tight fitting maxi skirts.

My toes got crushed in these sandals last night so it is definitely time for a new mani/ pedi when I have recovered from this hangover! I've decided to try and stick out the whole 'natural nail' look to try and improve the condition as much as I am dying to stick on my falsies. We are off to a place called Laguna Village tonight with my parents for an actual quiet meal which will not turn into drinking and dancing till 7am! After my friend leaves on Sunday I am having a major detox.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Viva España

top: topshop
flatforms: river island
necklace: h&m
rings: topshop
lips: yves saint laurent 'rouge volupte 30'

I'm not much of a football fan but being in Spain when they won the Euro 2012 last night was actually amazing! Everyone crowded into streets, people were dancing on top of cars and blasting horns it was such a fun atmosphere! We didn't plan to go out in the Port due to a very heavy night previously but everyone was in the mood so we joined in, never one to turn down an excuse to have a good time! I wasn't exactly dressed up for the night but I love this gold sheer vest overlayed on top of a plain black bandeau dress. I have worn this gold top so many times since I bought it in the sale last week, tucked into a pair of shorts and worn over leggings with a bralet underneath, it really is so versatile. I paired it with my nude and gold flatforms and this large gold pendant necklace which I have also been glued to this Summer with maxi dresses and even during the day with swim wear.

As predicted, I have started to pick at all of my nails so I think it is time that I put my falsies back on before I end up breaking them all! Turns out I can't be convinced to convert to the 'au natural' look after all! So after two consecutive very heavy nights and a total of 4 hours sleep I am having a well deserved carb-filled meal and an early night. Well, that is the plan...