Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Today I bought #31

playsuit: miss selfridge (£39.00)
dress: h&m (£7.99)
skirt: river island (£22.00)
white crop: river island (£20.00)
zebra crop: (£12.00)
bikini: h&m (£12.00)
nail polish: h&m nerd (£2.99)
necklace: h&m (£6.99)
flatforms: river island (£35.00)
sandals: river island (£30.00)

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am flying to Marbella tomorrow morning for a last minute bank holiday weekend, ridiculously excited! I spent today doing some last minute holiday shopping and I have been limited to a 10kg suitcase which is absolutely killing me! I am only there for 5 days so it isn't the end of the world but still a tricky challenge. My favourite purchase of the day has to be these flatforms, I was looking for sandals that were mainly nude/ gold so that they would go with most outfits and these fit the bill perfectly. I love the cork flatform combined with the gold detailing and these will be perfect for mooching around Puerto Banus or evening meals. I also picked up these gold plated sandals for the beach, they have a slight roman/ gladiator feel about them and I love the gold chain at the back which clips around the ankle. For anyone who read my post yesterday I managed to find the orange bikini and it had been reduced from £20 to £12, love it when that happens! 

I found this palm tree printed playsuit in the petite section at Miss Selfridge but I'm fairly short so it fits pretty well. I love the cowl style front and the opening at the back, I'm planning to wear this on a night out  with my nude/ rose gold Topshop wedges if I can fit them in my luggage! I bought the two crop tops and grey maxi skirt for during the day or casual evening meals/ drinks, I am taking a number of maxi skirts and crop tops which I can mix and match to make different outfits. My flight is at 7am so I need to start packing and get an early night which is going to be hard because I'm so excited! Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday, I plan to take some outfit photos whilst I'm there and post them when I return but apologies in advance if this fails miserably!

Lusting after #24

clutch bag: zara
sunglasses: rayban clubmasters
necklace: asos
dipped hem dress: river island
bikini: both h&m
sheer cover-up: topshop
wedges: topshop
sandals: topshop

I am officially the happiest girl alive! Well, today has been a mixture of emotions but now I am happy! I decided to leave Leeds today for the Summer holidays so that was really sad because I'm not coming back for a year as I'm doing a placement in London this September. However, the reason I left Leeds a few days early is because my lovely mother decided to book a last minute holiday to Marbella for bank holiday weekend which is going to be amazing! I haven't left the country since last July and although the weather is amazing at the moment you can't beat sun, sea and sand. I'm doing a really last minute shop tomorrow for a pair of sandals, a few bikinis and beachwear so these are a few items I am going to be keeping my eye out for. My favourites are the nude cover-up, the gold sandal wedges and the multicoloured bikini so I hope they have these in store! I am also really in need of a pair of sunglasses for the Summer and these Rayban Clubmasters are to die for. They are slighter larger than the original shape and feature matte tortoise shell detailing, I saw them in Harvey Nichols and I think they were around £95 but they might have them in Duty Free. 

One bad thing about this last minute holiday is that my mom is only allowing me to take hand-luggage so that is a maximum of 10kg...I don't know how I am going to survive. This is going to be such a challenge for me because I am not a light traveller! I am currently making a list of all my 'necessities' and it is getting longer and longer. Hope everyone has an amazing bank holiday and enjoys the lovely sunshine! I may not be able to post whilst I'm away due to my luggage limit but for anyone who follows me on Instagram (@lydiafayejones) I will be posting photographs on there.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Today I bought #30

top: topshop
jumper: topshop
skirt: topshop
bralet: topshop
bag: zara

Had an absolute Topshop haul today as you can see! Unfortunately I couldn't find the top, jumper or skirt in store so I have ordered these online, hopefully they will arrive quick as I'm dying to wear the dip-dye maxi skirt before the weather turns bad. I'm a big fan of khaki at the moment and this jumper is really similar to the American Apparel fisherman jumper but around half the price. I've also always been a big fan of marl grey and I love the shape of this cut-out shoulder and one-shoulder style top. I'm not sure wha the length of this is going to measure out like but I hope it's slightly longer so I can wear it as a dress. I also bought this nude neoprene bralet which I wore last night with a grey marl skater skirt. It is slightly revealing and you can't wear a bra with it as it has a bra fastening at the back so it would look weird but it was hot last night so I got away with it! I already own this messenger bag in grey/rose gold and I haven't stopped using it since the day I bought it. I couldn't resisted buying the same one in a black/gold version, it will probably come in more useful after the Summer but I love the slouched shape and you can fit so much stuff in it as well. So if you're anything like me and insist on taking all your make-up and the kitchen sink with you every day then I highly recommend! 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Through the keyhole

dress: ark
shoes: asos
necklace: asos
bracelets: topshop
ring: topshop
nails: chanel june

I'm finally free! Words cannot explain how happy I am to get all of my work and exams out the way and be able to do whatever I want for the next 4 months. I need to start planning pretty soon otherwise it will be over before I know it! I'm usually really organised with my Summer plans but this year I've only really sorted out Marbella. Today was absolutely baking and we decided to take a celebratory trip into town for Yo! Sushi and shopping. I bought this dress a few weeks ago but haven't really found the occasion to wear it as the style is fairly casual and not something I would wear on a day out. Now the weather has finally picked up it is the perfect Summer dress and I love the little keyhole detailing at the waist. It was a right pain to change out of because of all the button fastenings down the back so it stopped me from buying more clothes which is good!

I love my flatform trainers at the moment and these are different to the styles they feature in Topshop, Office etc at the moment. I love the cream canvas fabric but the only problem is they are really heavy so when I walk they slip slightly off the back of my heel which I find really irritating. I'm usually a size 6 but ordered a size 5 and I still have this problem. I think next time I wear them I may wear socks so they stay on better. I'm off out tonight to celebrate the end of exams with my housemates which I sense may get very messy. I love the fact I don't have to force myself out of bed tomorrow to revise and can just lay in the sunshine all day, living the life!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Great lengths

t-shirt: topshop
skirt: primark
belt: ebay
bracelets: topshop
ring: topshop
nails: chanel june

Finally able to bring out the maxi skirt I've been dying to wear for the past couple of months! I can't believe how roasting it's been today, unfortunately I had to spend most of it in the library as I have my exam tomorrow and then I'm free for Summer. I can't believe I have 4 months of freedom before I move to London, I will definitely spruce up on my blogging as I'll have so much free time. This crop t-shirt is really old but I've never been tempted to chuck it away because strips always come back into fashion and I love the casual look of it. I am finally able to wear this maxi skirt that I've been dying to bring out ever since I bought it a couple of months ago. You can't really tell in these photos but it does feature subtle pleating which gives the skirt mort fluidity and texture. I have a similar one from Asos but it's very tight fitting so I tend to waddle along and concentrate on not tripping!

It hasn't been 'all work no play' today, I stole an hour or so to have a drink in the sun at the Union terrace bar so now I plan to spend the rest of my night knuckling down with some revision. I only have one altogether so I haven't been working 24/7 like some of my housemates. Hope everyone's exams are going well and everyone is embracing this lovely weather!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Playing away

top: zara
skirt: forever 21
shoes: office
necklace: topshop
bracelets: topshop
ring: topshop
lips: mac reel sexy
nails: chanel june

Today I decided to escape revision for a little while and take a trip into town to embrace the soon turned into drinking at the union until 8pm but hey ho! Apologies for the rather unpleasant scenery of these photos, the back road of my student house is a bit of a tip but the lighting is too bad in my house to take them inside. I bought this thick knitted vest a few days ago and I've been itching to wear it ever since. I love the subtle racer style front and the mix of toned within the knit. I tried to buy it in a large but they has sold out so this isn't quite as baggy as I'd like but it shall do. I originally wore my disco leggings and then changed into this dropped hem aztec print skirt once I realised how hot the weather actually was.   The lining of this skirt is really short so I have to be careful when I wear this but I like the short length at the front. Most dropped hem skirts are too long at the front and I'm not very tall so they measure up even longer on me so this one is perfect.

I don't know if you can tell in these photos but I've had my hair, well the top part of my hair lightened slightly. I didn't like how low the dark undertone was getting so had the blonde bought up higher so it's made all of my hair look quite a bit lighter. I've also re-dyed the purple ends of my hair and they have come out really purple! You can't tell in these photos when my hair is up but for anyone following me on Instagram or Twitter I have posted a few photos on there. If you're not already following me on Instagram my username is 'lydiafayejones' surprise surprise!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Today I bought #29

playsuit: river island
dress: primark
shirt dress: ark
disco leggings: ark

I swear revision has actually increased my amount of shopping lately. I'm gonna put it down to the fact that although I've been stuck in the house I have also I've been avoiding work by doing copious amounts of internet shopping. I'm definitely suffering from cabin fever, can't wait till Thursday when exams are over and I have 4 months free to do absolutely anything! On to the clothes...I bought this playsuit the other day, I love the racerback front with the white piping. Unfortunately it came with a rather tacky monochrome belt but I have replaced this with my Moschino belt and it looks so much better. I also bought this dress from Primark which I am actually returning, I love the shape and colour but the fit is really unflattering. It literally clings to every part of your body, not ideal for even the skinniest of girls!

I much prefer this sheer shirt dress, the colour is right up my street (may clash slightly with my hair) and I love the little gold collar tips. I also picked up these disco leggings from Ark which are exactly the same as the American Apparel leggings but have a thinner waistband which I kind of prefer. I always find the waistband on the AA leggings comes up far too high and for £10 less these are a definite bargain!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Lusting after #23

all clothing: nastygal
belt: aqua
shoes: CJG for Topshop

I adore pretty much every single item on the NastyGal website, they have such a wide variety of clothing and it's different than anything you can get on the high street. I was really tempted to order the black vest and the orange bandage skirt until I saw how expensive the shipping was so the items are still waiting in my 'tote'. I'm also extremely gutted that I didn't get online quick enough to order a pair of these Bella Bea wedges by Chloe Green for Topshop. I wasn't blown away by the collection but I love these nude wedges with the lazercut detailing and how every shoe has a green sole, very Louboutin-esque! I also really want this Electric Dreams belt but I can't really justify the £50 price tag. It is pretty similar to my Moschino one but thicker and nude which is more suitable for the Summer. I live in Leeds which is where the Aqua shop is located and it's so difficult walking past and not going in to buy it! Maybe when I'm not so poor from my last spree...

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Today I bought #28

 t-shirt: boy london @ selfridges
skirt: forever 21
laser-cut vest: miss selfridge
bikini: topshop
coated running shorts: sara
denim shorts: topshop
stippling brush: real techniques @ boots
hair conditioner: john freida @ boots
lipstick: mac salute! limited edition

These are the bits and bobs which I picked up at the Bullring yesterday, I've been really stressed with work at the moment...can you tell?! My favourite purchase has to be the Boy London t-shirt, I love big baggy t-shirts that I can wear with my AA red or black leggings. I tried it on and it's even long enough to wear as a dress, don't worry I won't! I also love the laser-cut vest which is really hard to photograph but the back features a laser-cut flower design which will be nice on the beach during the Summer. I ordered this bikini online and it finally arrived today, I have to advise anyone thinking of buying this that it comes up very small. I'm a size 10 and had to get a size 12 and even that is quite 'snug' and I'm pretty small chested. 

I've been after these grey coated running shorts for a few weeks but they never had them in my size so finally snatched them up. I love the combination of the grey PU fabric and the rose gold detailing, this will go perfectly with my matching messenger bag and a plain white tee. I also picked up these bright blue denim shorts, I love the fluorescent tone within the denim and the high-waisted fit. Everyone raves about this stippling brush along with the John Freida full repair mask so I thought I'd give them a go. I used the conditioning mask last night and my hair did feel softer afterwards but I need to use it more. Lastly, I bought this limited edition Salute! amplified lipstick which is part of the new Mac Hey, Sailor! collection. It has a really thick and creamy texture so the nude tone shows up on the lips against my usual foundation and stays on really well. I want to stock up on these before they discontinue like my Sweet Sunrise one did, still so gutted!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Ice box

shirt: topshop
skirt: topshop
shoes: office
bag: zara
watch: michael kors
earrings: topshop

Bit of a Topshop outfit overload today I'm afraid! It doesn't help when the majority of my wardrobe is from Topshop so picking an outfit without that is pretty difficult. I took a small break from revision today and headed up to the Bullring for what I call a 'mooch' that ends up as a super spend! I didn't buy that much but I'll post my purchases tomorrow. I've worn this shirt so many times since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I love the really pale shade of denim and usually wear it tied up into a crop with shorts or a skirt. I've also worn this outfit on a night out with the grey marl skater skirt but without the tights and a studded waist belt, definitely one of my favourites at the moment. 

I've worn into these new flatform trainers over the past few days so they have now stopped rubbing and become slightly grubby. I do hate it when you buy new shoes and they are so sparkling white and stiff that you feel really stupid! I don't usually include my bag in outfit photos because I always use the same large Chanel one but I love this grey messenger bag with rose gold detailing, it goes perfectly with this outfit and I generally love anything rose gold anyway!

Friday, 11 May 2012


dress: asos
heels: topshop
necklace: h&m
bracelets: topshop
ring: topshop
watch: michael kors
lips: topshop whimsical

I don't usually post 'going out' outfits on my blog purely because I don't think they have as much to them as daytime outfits and tend to just consist of a single dress or something. However, just for a change I thought I'd show the outfit which I wore last night as I really love the dress (which I think is actually meant to be a top!) and the dirt on my heels alone shows how much I adore these shoes! I ordered this dress a couple of weeks ago and intended on wearing it during the day with leggings but it is long enough to wear as a dress and creates a relaxed/ casual look on a night out which can be dressed up with accessories. I love the dropped armholes and although it is slightly risqué I'm still a big fan! I wore this rose gold cuff necklace which compliments my watch and the rose gold strip featured on my heels. Apologies for how dirty my shoes look in this photo, I promise I am going to give them a big clean once I've finished writing this!

I'm back home at the moment for the simple luxuries in life - clean sheets, fresh food and no noisy neighbours! It's amazing how much a couple of days at home can completely rejuvenate my system and make me feel ready to go again. I also need to start revision as my exam is in less than 2 weeks and I'm confused as to what the module is actually about, oh dear! Better get started...

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bright above it

t-shirt: topshop
jeans: topshop leigh
shoes: office
necklace: asos
lips: mac reel sexy

I never thought I'd see the day, me wearing coloured jeans! I ranted on a  while back about how I really liked them but don't have long/ skinny enough legs to wear them but I actually really like this pair. The fabric is really soft and lightweight so they don't feel really uncomfortable and I love the light orange shade. They do the Leigh jeans in a range of different colours so I might but another pair, I'm thinking a really pale blue or lavender if they have any. I ordered this necklace last week and ever since it arrived I haven't taken it off. I'm not too sure if it's meant to act as a 'collar' but I just wear it with pretty much everything and find it smartens up a simple tee. This t-shirt is really old, well about 6 months but I've worn it to death. I'm pretty sure they have it back in stock in this colour and a pale pink so I'd definitely recommend as it's perfect to just throw on for a casual day.

I mentioned in a previous 'Today I bought' that I bought some flatform trainers from Topshop but they were slightly too big so I returned them and bought a very similar version from Office which were £25 and have a bigger flatform. I find that these really elongate your leg which is definitely what I need when wearing these jeans and they are also dead comfy. Yesterday I was after a new pale coral lipstick as my Topshop Whimsical is running out really quickly. I came across this limited edition Reel Sexy which is an amplified lipstick meaning that the colour is really bright and stays on the lip well. I'm really loving the orange/ pale coral trend at the moment as you can tell, might move onto my nails next...