Monday, 30 April 2012

Stay high baby

jumper: american apparel
skirt: topshop
boots: topshop
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
rings: topshop
nails: opi ate berries in the canaries, 17 fairy cake & 17 sweet kisses
lips: topshop whimsical

I can't explain how happy I was when I woke up this morning to find no rain and a tiny bit of sunshine! For once I've been able to leave the house without a huge coat covering my outfit. This jumper was a birthday present a while back, I love it to pieces but unfortunately me and cream necklines don't really get on. I tend to send them orange as soon as I put them over my head and my mom is fed up of washing them! It is extremely comfy though and a staple item within my wardrobe. I bought this skirt months ago but this is actually the first time I've worn it. It's one of those items I buy with the intention of wearing straight away and then forget I have it. I'm a sucker for anything grey marl so I'm sure I will now get loads of wear out of it. 

I've just got back from the Bullring, it was a massive mistake wearing these boots because I didn't realise how high they were! They are really comfy but I was on a mission to get in and get out as quickly as possible and these were slowing me down. I haven't done my nails 'ombré' style in ages but I have to admit I'm not a great fan, I've already taken them off! I managed to get hold of Models Own Utopia today after months of searching so I'm planning to re-do them tonight. My nails have been growing really well recently and they are all an equal length so I'm tempted to not wear my falsies for once, scary thought! Should I just bite the bullet? 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lusting after #21

t-shirt: rowme (£21.57)
bikini: topshop (£32)
extra dimension highlighter: mac whisper of gilt (£21.50)

There are so many things I'm after at the moment that whittling it down was a bit of a toughy! I love this plain YSL tee from Romwe, I'm really low on day-wear at the moment so this with my AA lycra leggings or Levi's denim shorts will be perfect when the weather stops being so awful. I've been after this bikini for weeks now ever since it first came into stores but they've sold out online and only have size 14/16 left in every Topshop I've visited. I refuse to pay £55 which is what they are asking for on eBay, fingers crossed it will come back in stock because I need this in my life for Marbella. I have also been after the Mac Extra Dimension Highlight in Whisper of Gilt but this has also sold out everywhere, what is happening with the world?! The shade is a light highlighting white tone with a touch of shimmery gold which is perfect for my skin tone. I tried the other shades which they had left but they were much too dark. I'm off to the Bullring to do some 'project research' (basically shopping) so I'm really hoping they have it in Selfridge's. Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I've been home and our internet is really bad/ we had a power cut today so it really hasn't been my week!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

When it rains, it pours

jacket: zara
jumper: forever 21
leggings: american apparel
necklace: topshop
rings: topshop
watch: michael kors
nails: opi skull & glossbones
lips: mac angel

I literally had to swim to uni this morning, this weather is an absolute joke! I was one of those losers who's umbrella turns inside out and everyone laughs at, today has not been my day. On a brighter note, I found out that I got an internship in London which I'm really happy about. The next stage is to start looking for somewhere to live which is a little scary but hopefully some friends off my course will all join together. I managed to take some outfit photos today despite the awful weather and as a result, my now frizzy hair. This is the jacket I bought from Zara the other day, it is different to the one I originally showed in the 'Today I bought' post as it has gold detailing and a fold-over collar but I can't find this one on the website. I love the combination of the light khaki canvas fabric with the PU leather-look sleeves, I always buy garments with contrasting textures so this is right up my street. I wore it with this plain off-the-shoulder-marl grey jumper and my shiny lycra AA leggings which I practically live in. Can't say they are too good on a rainy day though...they are currently drying over the radiator in my room which isn't even switched on.

I'm off to 'Bed' tonight for a friend's birthday night, unfortunately I do wish I was heading to my actual bed! I'm not a fan of nights out when the weather is so bad, my fake tan runs and I end up looking like an orange zebra and in turn being miserable for the night! Hopefully it might calm down by the time I need to start getting ready so fingers crossed - that's what you get for living up North though I've learnt!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Today I bought #25

jacket: zara (£89.99)
skirt: miss selfridge (£39)

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts recently, I've been really busy with my university projects and the lighting in my house is awful which makes me not want to take photographs as much! I'll get back on it as soon as possible. Today I ventured into town for a well deserved break from work even though the weather was torrential and miserable. I've been after a new jacket for during the day as I'm real fed up of my Topshop quilted leather jacket which just about everyone and their mother has! I saw this one and it was pretty much love at first sight no matter what the price tag was. My friend turned round to me today and said 'I've only just realised how bad your shopping addiction is!' I think it is actually getting worse, if I don't buy something I can't stop thinking about it, think I need some form of counselling! Anyway, I love the combination of the parka style jacket with the leather sleeves, this image doesn't do the jacket any justice so I'll take some photos wearing it soon.

'Another dipped hem skirt?' I hear you say, yep I'm afraid so! In all fairness, I don't have a sheer one with knicker shorts underneath but I should maybe think about stopping after this one. I also took 6 empty containers into Mac to get a free lipstick so chose a purple/ lilac shade called Up The Amp. I'm planning on layering it on top of Saint Germain to create a lilac shade as I can't find anywhere that does the colour I'm after. Whilst I was there I tested the extra dimension highlighter in Whisper of Gilt which is the perfect highlighter for Summer but unfortunately it has sold out everywhere, even online so I'm just gonna have to wait for that one it seems.

p.s. oops, just realised this Zara jacket is a different version of the one I have! Mine has gold popper buttons and a fold-over collar, knew it looked different in the photo!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Today I bought #24

shorts: zara (£22.99)
jumper: topshop (£25)
skirt: topshop (£30)
lipstick: topshop whimsical (£8)

I've been spending so little time actually in university that my shopping sprees have become far more frequent than they should be. I planned to only purchase necessities the other day such as toothpaste and shampoo but came away with this lot. I love these printed shorts from Zara, the colours are really bright and the pattern is so intricate but you probably can't really see from the image. My friend always assumed Zara was really expensive but I reckon most of the time their prices are cheaper than Topshop. Zara is quickly becoming my favourite high street shop, I want everything at the moment! I also bought this thick knitted jumper in the Topshop sale just because I left my H&M cable knit jumper at home and I can't live without a staple cream jumper in my wardrobe. As you can see, I have added yet another dipped hem skirt to my ever-growing collection! I think this is becoming a serious addiction...I need to stop. 

I forgot to take my 6 empty containers into Mac to get a free lipstick/ lipgloss and I've been wanting a creamy coral/nude shade for a while for a subtle coloured lip. I found the perfect shade in the Topshop make-up collection, Whimsical has a light creamy texture and for a fraction of the Mac prices it was a bargain I couldn't resist. I planned to spend the entire day working but I'm exhausted from last night (and can't stop watching old series of 90210!) so I best get my act into gear.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Spring in my step

crop: american apparel
skirt: primark
boots: topshop
belt: ebay
necklace: topshop
rings: topshop
nails: opi ds classic

I'm pretty sure grey is the worst colour you could possibly wear when the weather is so torrential. I went into Leeds town today to buy some necessities (and ended up buying clothes of course) and the rain made everything so grim. The shops were completely dead though which is my idea of heaven. Zara were giving out these weird long thin plastic bags to put your umbrella in though, made me laugh so much watching everyone carry them around! I'm really disappointed with this cropped t-shirt because it was fairly expensive and the overlocked along the neckline has starting to come off so I've had to wear it back to front. I don't mind paying higher prices for clothing but as long as they stand the test of time. I'm also in love with my dipped hem skirts, I bought this one in black too and for £6 they are such a bargain buy. I usually resort to wearing leggings when I'm feeling lazy but these are so comfortable and immediately change the style of an outfit. 

I'm a huge fan of OPI nail varnishes and think they are worth the price, I can't get enough of this classic glitter shade at the moment. I like wearing neutral colours on my nails so that they go with all of my outfits and this one is slowly becoming one of my favourites. I'm re-doing them tomorrow because I used a really old glue so they keep popping off so might try out matte black with a glossy black tip, thoughts?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Today I bought #23

black dress: topshop (£22)
lima shoes: topshop (£85)
aztec dress: topshop (£29)

As you can see I had a little Topshop splurge all fairness I did end up returning those shoes from River Island that I bought the other day so that weighs things out slightly! As much as I loved them, the platform wasn't big enough for my liking plus they were a mega tight fit considering I have small feet. I saw these Lima sandals on the website a few days ago so picked them up whilst I was in store today. The rose gold/ nude combination is just up my street along with the chunky wooden heel, perfect for the Summer season. I also realised that I never wear dresses on nights out so I picked up these two which are really out of my comfort zone. The black one is neoprene with a cut out back, I'm not usually a bodycon fan but this one really sucks you in and I love the bra fastening at the back too. Admittedly, I did see the aztec dress worn by Michelle Keegan (cringe!) and hunted it down but I really love the print and high neckline. I always feel really uncomfortable wearing tight dresses on nights out but I'm gonna bite the bullet this week and see how it goes...

Friday, 13 April 2012

Lavender girl

top: topshop
skirt: topshop
shoes: jeffrey campbell
socks: jonathan aston
earrings: topshop
nails: 17 forever
lips: mac sweet sunrise

I don't usually post outfits that I wear on nights out just because a) I don't usually have the time before and b) I prefer daytime outfits because they just seem more stylish and you can layer etc. However, I am completely in love with this outfit, the skirt has quickly become my favourite item that I've bought lately. I love the watercolour pastel print combined with the plain white tee, and the earrings match the tone of the outfit perfectly.

You may realise from the photographs that I've dip-dyed the ends of my hair a sort of lavender/ lilac shade but it's pretty hard to get the really colour across in photos due to the lighting. I used the Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair dye so it's not gonna be a permanent look, just thought I'd give it a go and see what I thought. I actually think it comes across really subtle considering my hair is now 3 different colours! It was fairly easy to apply I just rubbed it onto the ends of my hair and my extensions and washed out after 30 minutes. I've bought a candy floss pink colour too so might try that one out once this one has faded.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Today I bought #22

skirt: topshop
dress: marks & spencer
printed tee: miss selfridge
black vest: monki
shoes: river island
jewellery: both topshop
body illuminator: nars
foundation: estée lauder double wear

As predicted I had a slight splurge whilst visiting London for my interview today...I was nervous okay! Well, I managed to find the shoes which I previously featured but I'm slightly concerned they are a tad too small. Might try them on again in the morning, someone once told me your feet swelll during the day? Then again I am easily fooled! Also picked up some bright clothing on my travels, I booked my holiday to Marbella the other day so I'm suddenly being drawn to all these Summer clothes. I really like the dipped hem skirt from Topshop, the watercolour print of pastel shades is gorgeous and I think this combined with  a white crop and the drop-down earrings will be a winner for tomorrow night. I never usually shop in M&S but came across this orange dress whilst meeting my momma and really liked the draped shape. I haven't tried it on yet as I still have a face full of make-up and tend to destroy everything I try on! 

I've been after this Nars Body Illuminator for a while now but I was told that it had been discontinued and was being re-launched during June. I managed to pick up the last two from Selfridge's today, it's not exactly a 'fake tan' but adds a subtle glow to your skin giving you that bronzed holiday shade. I've only tested it on my arm so far but will do a full review once I've used it properly. I was also in need of a new foundation and as much as I love Mac Studio Fix I thought I'd branch out and try the Estée Lauder Double Wear after hearing so many rave reviews about it. I love my foundation thick and matte, kinda like Barbie so I hope this lives up to my expectations.

Lusting after #20

shoes: river island (£60)

Yay, these have finally appeared into store after months of waiting! I saw these in Look Magazine a while ago and every time I visit the website I keep my fingers crossed that they've got them in and now they have. I love the perspex design across the front of the foot along with the chunky heel, perfect for the Spring season, if only they came in a pastel shade too. I'm off to London tomorrow for an internship interview so will definitely keep my eyes peeled for these beauties if I get a chance to shop afterwards. I would buy them online but I never know if I'm going to be a size 5 or 6 and it's far too much of a faff returning them. I've got to be up in 6 hours so I better hit the pillow, wish me luck!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spotting at nothing

dress: topshop
belt: topshop
shoes: urban outfitters
watch: michael kors
bracelets: topshop
rings: topshop
nails: 17 mellow yellow
lips: mac snob

Just a quick post as I'm in a rush getting ready to go for dinner with my friend, spent the majority of the day pampering myself and I'm still not ready surprise surprise! I bought this dress a few weeks ago and intended to wear it to a party but then decided it was too casual and not really 'me'. I was considering returning it but then thought it would be nice during the Spring season due to the bright colours and classic spots. I also bought these Underground wedges the other week and was considering returning them too due to the hefty price tag and my low bank balance! But they are just so god damn cool, they are not going anywhere. I think they take the playful girly style away from the outfit and add a slight grunge twist which I really like, not usually one for frilly dresses and such.

I also got round to re-doing my nails for the first time in weeks after being so lazy/ in love with my previous set. How amazing is this bright yellow colour? Well, I like to think of it as 'glitter blonde' as yellow nails sounds slightly grim! Right, enough rambling gotta dash, hope everyone has a lovely evening!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Today I bought #21

porefessionally pretty set: benefit (£23.50)
blusher: collection 2000 (£4.95)
t-shirt: topshop (£18)
skirt: primark (£8)
jewellery: topshop

These are the purchases from my little shopping trip the other day, I've had loads of posts lined up since my internet was down so I've been spreading them out over the days. I usually use the No.7 Airbrush Primer but thought I'd try this Porefessionally Primer by Benefit which everyone keeps raving about. I'm really confused as to why this set was the same price as the primer on it's own? I've also heard this shimmer blusher is really good, I used it last night and completely agree. It has quite a subtle shimmer but gives your cheeks a nice glow for a cheap price. 

I had some things to take back to Topshop so exchanged them for this sheer striped t-shirt and some jewellery as my rings/ earrings were becoming far too repetitive for my liking. I particularly love the little string charm bracelets, they are simple so can be worn all the time I'm just hoping they don't break! I'm a sucker for these dipped hem skirts at the moment, my collection has risen to a total of 8 (oops!). But they are so suitable for this season and can be worn to create different styles for during the day and nights out. I also bought this grey skirt in black as they are fairly cheap and will probably go out of stock in my size pretty quickly so if you want one I'd get it now!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring awakening

jumper: vintage
blouse: topshop
shorts: urban outfitters
boots: topshop
necklace: river island
earrings: topshop
rings: topshop

Seriously disliking how temper-mental the weather is being at the moment. This time last week I was strolling through town wearing nothing but a skirt and t-shirt and now I'm wrapped up in black tights and layers! This is the outfit I wore shopping yesterday, I bought this jumper from a little vintage shop in Belgium years ago and love the bright fuchsia tone. I've had many wardrobe clear-outs over the years and I've been tempted to throw this out a few times but now I realise why I haven't. I paired it with this lilac dropped-hem blouse which I tucked into my light Levi's shorts. 

It dawned on me yesterday how limited my jewellery collection is at the moment, mainly crosses or stone rings which I'm getting a bit bored of. So when I was shopping yesterday I picked up a few new pieces along with some clothes which I'll post about tomorrow. I also didn't get round to changing my nails but I'm currently in the process of picking a new colour as we speak, matte grey or matte black? Hmm...