Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tickled pink

cardigan: miss selfridge
blouse: topshop
skirt: forever 21
shoes: topshop
ear cuff: topshop
earring: urban outfitters
necklace: topshop

Check me out, 2 outfit posts 2 days in a row...this hasn't been done in a very long time! I bought this cardigan during the Summer holidays but the colour scared me for a long time. I decided to venture to uni today wearing it and can safely say I've never had so many dodgy looks in my life! This group of girls literally stopped and pointed, definitely brightened up their day. I tucked my dipped hem blouse into this dalmation print skirt which is a really light and floaty fabric so nice to wear on warmer days or when you want something easy to throw on. 

I love these studded pumps to death but they're slowly getting more dirty and worn-out as the days go on. That's the only problem with Topshop ballet pumps, they really don't stand the test of time and always end up with a hole in. They're still in store so I'm tempted to go and buy another pair for when these die on me but at the moment I'm far too much of a poor student to contemplate that.

Monday, 27 February 2012

I can be your china doll

jumper: h&m
skirt: topshop
earrings: topshop
rings: topshop
nails: opi skull and glossbones
lips: mac chili

I've officially had the most unsuccessful day ever. Not only did I not manage to get to town due to the torrential down-pour which is becoming all too typical in Leeds, but I also dropped a litre bottle of soy sauce all over the kitchen floor so pretty much spent the whole day cleaning that up! Now our entire house smells of soy sauce no matter how much you spray Febreeze. This is the outfit I planned to wear into town until the rain ruined my plans so I've spent the day doing some work instead. I bought this jumper last week from the menswear section in H&M. I've been looking for a really nice baggy cream jumper ever since I saw Rihanna at the Brits looking effortlessly cool as usual. This was £25.99 and I really like the loose fit and cable knit effect, pretty much my perfect jumper regardless of it being fit for a male. I wore this bodycon skirt which is really thin stripes of grey and white but it hasn't come across too clearly on the photographs as my camera is slowly dying on me.

The earrings are slightly overboard for during the day but I've lost one of my small Urban Outfitter cross earrings so these were the next best option. I've been wearing coloured lips all the time lately, Chili by Mac is a dark red lipstick with a matte texture so it's perfect for daytime as it doesn't smudge and isn't too bright. I've been looking for a pillarbox red lipstick lately but the Mac one I was after has sold out so I'm still on the hunt...they all seem to be too dark or too pink.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Lusting after #16

dress: topshop (£22.00)
shoes: kurt geiger (£185.00)

The things I would sacrifice to own these shoes...I came across them in Style magazine and gasped as soon as I saw them. I love the pastel colour blocked chunky heel and the abstract design across the front which will look really effect when they're on. I love so many shoes on the Kurt Geiger website at the moment but they never seem to have any of these styles in the actual store and I don't like buying shoes online as I'm in between size 5/6. I also really like this cross dress from Topshop, the cross is a sheer fabric so I'm pretty sure you can't wear this as a dress on it's own but you could with a bandeau slip underneath or leggings during the day. I was in Topshop yesterday and didn't see this in the store but it's pretty new so hopefully they'll be getting it in soon. 

I'm absolutely shattered after handing in all my work and celebrating my friend's 21st birthday last night so I'm spending the day in bed and heading for a Nando's later with my housemates. I don't think there is a better hangover cure. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

19 hours 14 minutes

dress: topshop
belt: ebay
shoes: topshop
earrings: topshop
watch: michael kors
pyramid ring: miss selfridge
leaf ring: topshop
nails: opi skull and glossbones

I woke up this morning to a lovely polka dot Topshop delivery bag, don't think there's anything better to see first thing! I ordered this grey t-shirt dress which I've seen in store for the past few weeks but they never seem to have my size so I ordered it online instead. I also bought these lavendar ballet pumps that I'm wearing as my studded ones are getting pretty wrecked but they're just so comfy. My 'Love Moschino' waistbelt is from Ebay and although it took ages to come I'm really happy with the quality and style. I can never be bothered with bidding on Ebay, I find it much too stressful and infuriating when you get outbid in the last 3 seconds so I bought this for £39.99. My friend is having a birthday night out tomorrow so I'm planning to wear it with my new vest dress from Zara and some form of heels.

I've been really knuckled down with work at the moment so I'm counting down the hours till 12pm tomorrow when I can finally hand some projects in and cross off my never ending list. I'm going to treat myself with a Yo Sushi and a mooch around town. I'm struggling to think of something that I can give up for Lent, one of my friends suggested Topshop or online shopping but the thought of this was far too distressing! I'm thinking bread, crisps or men...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Ethereal Harmony

I haven't left the house recently due to work overload so thought I'd post some of my most recent design work that has been taking over my life. This project was based upon the heritage of Leeds and you could take this in pretty much any direction and give it a modern twist. I focused upon the countryside of Leeds and visited areas like Bolton Abbey to take photos and get inspiration. I then developed this inspiration into a trend called 'Ethereal Harmony' which reflects the fresh atmosphere of the countryside with lightweight chiffon fabrics and the various textures of the rippling rivers and hard pebbles through knitted fabrics and stud embellishments. I then created a colour palette and a fabric board and began creating a design development journal trying out a variety of shapes and styles. These images show my final three outfits as flat drawings and illustrations so this is final outcome.

I'm not completely happy with my illustrations as I created them on photoshop, printed them off and then sketched on top of them to make them more realistic. I also used watercolour which made the paper ripple so when I scanned them back in they didn't look exactly how I wanted them. The hand in date is Thursday so I've got a few tweeks to add to some various bits and bobs and then I'm all ready, phew!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Alien to me

jumper: topshop
leggings: american apparel
gilet: river island
necklace: river island
rings: both topshop
nail polish: opi ate berries in the canaries

Nail glue is ruining my life. These are my favourite leggings that I practically live in and now I've spilt nail glue on them they're completely ruined. If anybody has any tips on how to get nail glue off clothes please let me know, otherwise I'll have to order another pair! I went into Leeds town today to buy my friend's birthday present along with a general mooch. It's been a really windy/cold today so I wish I'd worn something more than a holey jumper with a gilet. I bought this jumper the other week and I've worn it about 3 times already. It's quite heavy to wear but I love the shape with the rolled sleeves and the metallic sheen to the yarn. 

The nail polish I'm wearing was a birthday present from my friend and I really like the berry/ magenta tone. I'm not usually a pink nail varnish person as I sometimes wear red and feel like it clashes too much but this is an inbetween shade so it's been okay. I'm now spending the rest of my day on Ilustrator drawing out all the flat drawings for my final designs...this is gonna be a long afternoon.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lusting after #15

blazer: river island (£40.00)
jeans: miss selfridge (£36.00)
bag: topshop (£16.00)

I'm ashamed to say I am still in bed at 7pm...haven't moved a muscle all day but have got some work done so it hasn't been completely wasted. I swear my life is being taken over by this recent design project and applying for placements which is so stressful so apologies if I'm not posting as much lately. I saw this bright pink cropped blazer in River Island on Saturday and I'm not usually a 'pink person' but think this will look really nice in the summer season with a collared blouse underneath so I wish I'd bought it. I've also been on the hunt for a new clutch bag, just a plain one that I can use on a standard night out and that will go with everything. This lilac colour block clutch bag from Topshop is perfect as it's really simple and a decent price. I also found this lavender jeans which I wish I could wear for the upcoming pastel trend which is hitting the shops at the moment. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with long thin legs so I tend to stay away from jeans, especially coloured jeans as I don't think they're very flattering for my body shape. Oh well!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Today I bought #16

maroon cardigan: h&m
cream jumper: topshop
knotted dress: stylestalker
blouse: topshop
sequin top: topshop
earrings: topshop
belt: topshop
blusher: mac gingerly
lipgloss: mac fashion whim

As you can see I've been a little naughty lately and my bank balance has taken quite a bashing. In my defence it has been my birthday so it's all in good reason! Obviously I didn't buy all of this today but just thought I'd put it all under one post as it's easier. I bought the maroon cardigan yesterday, kept seeing it in H&M every time I went into the shop and it's a really nice soft knit for £29.99. The cream jumper is kind of similar to my American Apparel one but the knit is more loose and the yarn has a slight 'wet look' sheen to it. I really like the rolled up sleeves and it was priced at £36 which is pretty standard for a Topshop knitwear piece these days. I mentioned in another post that I'd bought the Stylestalker knot dress from Selfridge's the other day that I'd featured in one of my first 'Lusting after' posts. I've liked this dress for ages and it has a slightly mottled grey/ nude effect print which looks better in person. It was £90 which I do think is a little over-priced for a t-shirt dress but the fabric is really good quality and I had vouchers so it didn't feel so bad...

The blouse I bought as a sort of staple item just to wear under thick jumpers during the cold weather. Everyone needs a white blouse in their wardrobe as they come in really useful and this one was £30. I really like multi-glitter at the moment so I bought this crop top today to wear mainly on nights out but I guess you could get away with wearing it to a nice restaurant or something. It was £40 which I think is alright considering the item is really well made, no snags or signs of beadwork falling off so I was happy to pay the price. The studded nude waist belt I picked up on a whim and then ended up really liking it when I tried it on with a dress. We all know what I'm like when it comes to any nude/ gold combinations plus it matches my Vectra slippers and was only £22.

Right, nearly there! I also bought some new mac products, my blusher is too shiny so I bought this matte ginger tone one which is the perfect shade for my skin tone and stays on well. I recently bought the mac lipstick 'sweet sunrise' and 'fashion whim' is pretty much the lipgloss equivalent so I wear this one top just to add some shine on a night out. Lastly, I bought these cross earrings for £10 as they've got me written all over them and my Urban Outfitters ones are completely battered. I'm heading back to Leeds tomorrow so plan on spending the rest of my night packing, hope everyone's had a good weekend!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Product review #3

hair treatment: Huile De Palme Leonor Greyl (£49.00)

Leonor Greyl is a brand I've discovered recently that specialises in luxury hair care such as oils, shampoos, deep treatments and leave-in treatments. I bought their 'Huile De Palme' beautifying oil is a pre-shampoo hair treatment which is based on natural oils used on lengths and ends. You pour a small amount into your hand before washing and run your hands through your dry hair. I used a wide comb just to make sure the oil had covered all areas of my hair and left the treatment in for around 10 minutes before washing it out and shampooing/ conditioning.

I've only used this product a couple of times but it has already made such a difference to my hair. You can tell as soon as you dry your hair it immediately feels softer, easier to brush through and also improves the colour. I'd advise keeping the bottle in warm-ish place because the oil turns solid pretty easily but you just run it under hot water to melt it again. I'd highly recommend this product, yes it's a little pricey but the bottle will last a really long time plus it smells amazing - I can't put my finger on it exactly but it's kind of sherbet/ sweet. Either way, it's incredible.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Confusion girl

jumper: american apparel
blouse: primark
leggings: american apparel
earrings: topshop
watch: michael kors

I've had a really organised day today, made a list last night of everything I need to do and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing off a list. I went to Merry Hill to get my design projects printed/ binded, took some clothes back that I didn't like and now I'm spending the afternoon designing. This is the jumper I got for my birthday, well I bought it with the Selfridge's vouchers my brother gave it. I'd been looking for the perfect cream jumper and this one fits the bill. It's pretty cosy with a nice texture and a high neckline which is what I wanted. I think it cost £66 which is a bit pricey but since I had vouchers to spend I didn't feel so guilty! I wore it over my Primark blouse which has a dipped hemline so comes out the bottom of the jumper at the back which I like.

I didn't take any photos of my shoes/ nails as they're still the same as shown in my previous post. I wasn't planning on staying home for this long so I've literally bought nothing home with me so I'm stuck with these nails till Monday. I'm also due a new set of extensions since I've had these for 6 months now, considering going back all blonde but this ombre style is so good for my hair as I don't have to maintain it at all. Hmm... I'll have to have a little think before I make any rash decisions.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Spoilt rotten

t-shirt: topshop
leggings: american apparel
leather jacket: topshop
scarf: alexander mcqueen
shoes: topshop
rings: topshop
earrings: miss selfridge
nails: opi classic ds

Finally a worthy outfit post, infact the first outfit post I've done since turning 20...that's actually really depressing! I popped to the Bullring with my momma today to get some necessities along with some unnecessities (if that's even a word?). I wore my new Alexander McQueen scarf which I was given for my birthday, it hasn't photographed well but it's a nude/pale pink background with light grey skulls. I already have a red and gold version but this one is more suited for Summer and goes well with pastel shades. I literally live in this leather jacket, it was my bargain buy from last year and I still haven't taken it off. I took off the fur collar because I like the jacket on it's own and usually wear some form of scarf or faux fur stole with it. I also bought these new studded pumps last week because I kept seeing them everywhere and they were only £22. I have the silver version but then realised I never wear silver so they've been a bit of a waste!

I ended up buying this knotted Stylestalker dress today which I posted about in one of my first 'Lusting after' but never ordered it online because it was too much of a faff. I also bought some new mac make-up, a couple of items from Topshop and a knitted American Apparel jumper so I'll post about them some other time. I'm heading back to Leeds tomorrow to plough through this uni work so goodbye social life and hello sketch pad for the next 10 days...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lusting after #14

heels: kurt geiger

Words simply cannot express how much I want these shoes, they are my dream shoe all wrapped up in one. I love the nude colour blocking and the chunky heel and think they would look so perfect with a nice little summer dress or even a pair of jeans. Unfortunately the price tag is not a dream...they're £220 so looks like I'll be waiting till I meet a very rich man, win the lottery or more realistically until they hit the sale. 

I've come home for a few days after a pretty hectic birthday weekend. I was planning on doing a post about what lovely presents I received but I've been so rushed for time and haven't bought the majority of them home with me so I'll have to do that another time. I'm off to the Bullring tomorrow to buy some fabric for my most recent project and have a catch up with my momma. I'll try my very best to do an outfit post as I feel like I've really neglected my blog lately!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Lusting after #13

parka: all saints
belt: all saints

Sorry about being absent for the past week, been so rushed off my feet with all this university work I haven't had time to do any posts. I've been browsing all the websites at the moment as it's my birthday tomorrow so I'm going for a little shop and looking for something nice to buy. I've been waiting for All Saints to release some new collections as they've been really 'samey' for the past few months. I really like this Desert Parka as it's quite short it length and I find that most parka jackets completely swamp me because I'm so short. It's priced at £250 so doubt this one will be in my birthday bag tomorrow! I also found this Fina belt which I like and is only £35. I love the wrap-around style and the skinny shape which I've been looking for but this is the nicest I've seen. All of the rest of the items are pretty much similar to all their previous collections; shredded knitwear, sequin embellished dresses and graphic t-shirts so nothing really different. But take a look at the website, my best friend is modelling the new collection online so I'm very proud!