Saturday, 8 December 2012

Stuck in her daydream

jumper: topshop
trousers: topshop
boots: topshop
necklace: topshop (I can see where is this going!)
rings: both topshop
watch: michael kors
feather earring: french connection
nails: OPI 'DS Classic'
lips: mac 'shy girl'

The outfit posts are back! I've finally come out of my hibernation after a full week spent in bed recovering from the horrible stomach virus! I have to admit, it was quite nice to avoid the cold for once and stay wrapped up in my duvet all day but I'm glad to be back out. My friend from University has come to visit for the weekend so today we headed to Westfield shopping centre which I've never been to before but heard rave reviews. I wasn't quite prepared for just how big it was going to be, quite overwhelming when you first get there but definitely my new favourite shopping spot. 

In terms of my outfit, I am quite ashamed that my every item of clothing even down to my rings are from Topshop! Not that Topshop is anything to be ashamed about, it's just I've been trying to purchase from a variety of stores lately so feel like I've let myself down! However, Topshop or no Topshop, I really do love this outfit. I bought this heart jumper a few months back and I wear it with so many different looks. Today I paired it with these whacky checked leggings which are fairly new and have remained in my drawer until I felt confident enough to wear them! I was quite surprised how flattering the check print is on the legs, my chunky Topshop boots also helped to lengthen the leg and give some added height. 

I decided to take my photographs outside for once as sometimes my photos come out really contrasted and you can't really see my outfit properly. I think this is a combination of the awful lighting inside my flat and maybe a flash setting on my camera which I need to have a play around with. Anyway, these have turned out much better than expected so this may become a regular setting for my photographs if I can face braving the cold every morning! 

I'm off to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park tonight which I've been dying to go to ever since it opened in Novemeber. I literally feel like a little kid and couldn't be more excited! Hopefully it will increase my festive mood and the mulled wine will go down a treat (possibly throw a german sausage into the mix too!) Hope everyone has a lovely evening and if you're watching X Factor don't tell me who wins!


  1. This jumper is adorable, I love it! Have a good time tonight, so jealous your going, I want to go soooo bad xx

  2. Your trousers are so edgy and combing them with such a cute tops creates a really nice contrast :)

  3. Love this outfit, the trousers are gorgeous! Really like the outside photos too! x

  4. lovin' the heart jumper!
    glad to hear you are better :)