Monday, 19 November 2012

Silver embrace

jumper: zara
disco pants: american apparel
dancing shoes: american apparel
lips: mac 'diva'
nails: 17 'sweet kisses' and models own 'boogie nights'

Apologies for the exposure of bra in these photos, I've noticed that the flash on my camera is too bright but oh well, these things happen! Anyway, say hello to my new beautiful jumper! I saw this in store on the weekend and ran over to it like a kid in a candy shop. Surprisingly, I never pick up anything that has silver embellishments as I'm more of a gold person but I loved the way the silver was complimented with the black and white knit. This definitely wouldn't have worked as well with gold, I think it might have looked slightly tacky so for once I'm glad silver was used! It was priced at £29.99 which I was quite surprised by as usually embellished products like this by Zara are in my opinion over priced. I paired it with my black AA lycra leggings and AA dancing shoes which are my favourite combination at the moment.

I picked up a couple of new polishes last weekend so thought I'd give 'Boogie Nights' for this week's nail. I never wear pink on my nails but as this glitter is combined with purple and blue it is mildly acceptable. I have to say I had a right faff applying this top coat, I used 3 coats to get the full glitter effect and it took ages to dry so it kept smudging which was really annoying. In all fairness, you probably aren't supposed to use that many coats but I'm not one for the subtle look!


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  2. Ah I saw this jumper and now wish I got it! Although, you seem to make everything look amaze, the more I see these leggings you wear the more I need them. x

  3. I can't believe this jumper was less than £30, I hope they stock it in the Leeds store when I go!x

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  4. That jumper is gorgeous! And such a reasonable price for Zara! Might have to pop in store to get one! xx

  5. just a great jumper! i love the embellished neckline and a good price too for such a gem!