Tuesday, 20 November 2012


top: french connection (sample sale)
disco pants: american apparel
dancing shoes: american apparel
hat: topshop
scarf: h&m
rose gold cross necklace: prim ark
ring: topshop
bracelet: h&m
watch: michael kors
lips: chanel 'rose dentelle'

I definitely felt festive walking around in this ensemble today! I'm a big fan of red tartan prints at the moment and I've been on the hunt for a good warm scarf. I originally purchased one from Zara which had a sort of ombré tartan effect but the scarf itself was way too large and I couldn't find a good style to wrap it around so ended up taking it back. I then found this little gem whilst shopping in Knightsbridge during the weekend and for a mere £7.99 it was a definite bargain. I paired it with this silk printed t-shirt which I got for £4 during a sample sale at French Connection and my disco pants which have been getting a lot of wear recently. I find they keep me much warmer than my usual AA leggings and they do a good job at sucking you in as well so sometimes I think they look more flattering.

During the weekend I also purchased this bowler style hat which is very unlike me. I'm not really a 'hat' person for two reasons. 1 - I like wearing my hair up 99% of the time and 2 - I have quite a round face shape so many hats don't really suit me. I randomly tried this on whilst in the shops and my boyfriend reckoned it really suited me, I wasn't sure to begin with but now I really like it. It adds a little something extra to a casual outfit and is a good look for the Autumn/ Winter season. However, wearing my hat around the tube stations was not a wise idea, I forgot how windy the tunnels are so spent most of the time holding onto it for dear life!


  1. Great outfit. Your hair looks beautiful like this. X

  2. I love the top and scarf! so nice

    lucy x

  3. That hat really suits you and i love that scarf! Lovely outfit. x

  4. I love that tartan scarf, I'm very tempted to get it now xxx

    Georgia's Make Up Addiction

  5. love your hair down! it is fabulous!

    tartan looks great on you too! red is your colour for sure :)