Wednesday, 7 November 2012


shirt: asos
leggings: american apparel
shoes: american apparel
necklace: topshop
spike bracelet: topshop
rings: topshop
lips: mac 'shy girl'
nails: max factor 'pretty in pink' and american apparel 'galaxy'

I'm unbelievably in love with the digital print of this blouse! I've been looking for a quirky printed shirt for a while now but all the ones I've seen haven't been the right colours or fit. I ordered this last week whilst browsing online, I think it's part of the Ellie Goulding collection which mainly consists of floral/ baroque print items like this. I love the dark gothic colours that have been used combined with the black lace, most of my blouses are nude or white so this is a nice addition to my collection. I paired it with my usual AA shiny lycra leggings and changed the laces in my dancing shoes to a dark purple shade to compliment the colours in the print. I might leave these ones in for a while rather than my nude ones, they are more Winter-y and don't look so girly.

I'm back home tomorrow and literally counting down the minutes! Mainly because I'm having my hair done on Friday which I'm really excited about. Nothing drastic is happening, just getting rid of the whole ombré thing so having lots of blonde highlights through the top layers to make my hair blend more towards the ends. As much as I have loved my ombré hair and it's such easy maintenance I'm just a bit bored of the style at the moment and want to go back to my blonde roots for Winter. I'll be sure to do an outfit post when I've had it done, fingers crossed I don't come out looking all streaky - worst nightmare!


  1. That shirt is amazing how much was it??x

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  2. I literally want your whole outfit! The shirt is stunning, love the leggings and your shoes look amazing with the ribbon laces!xx

  3. You should do a make-up post. I love the way you do yours

  4. I love the creative touch of colour-coordinating the ribbons in your shoes. I'm always way too lazy to modify my outfits like that! Looks lovely. X

  5. That shirt is amazing, and the shoes..the ribbons are adorable and so eye catching! Great outfit!xx

  6. love those amethyst rings girl!

    good luck with the hair deboccle!