Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Suited & booted

blouse: zara
jacket: h&m
leggings: american apparel
boots: zara
claw earrings: topshop
skull bracelet: marbella market
watch: michael kors
nail: barry m 'peach melba'

Massive nightmare getting ready this morning so these photos were taken in quite a rush, they've turned out a lot better than I thought they would though. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong - my bulbs in my bedroom went out, I burnt my porridge, the buttons on my blouse popped open, I missed my bus and got on the wrong tube! Not my day at all! I wore this nude and gold studded blouse which I bought in the sale whilst I was in Marbella. I love the colour of the fabric and the detail of the skull buttons which you can't really see in the photos. The only problem is that the skull buttons are so small and delicate that whenever I moved around they would pop open so I ended up having to change it before I left to prevent any indecent exposure in the office! I wore my classic AA lycra leggings simple because they are so easy to wear and my suede/ studded boots which I also bought whilst I was over in Marbella. I really like these boots but I'm always scared to wear them in case it starts to rain and ruins the suede, I don't trust that suede protection spray actually works so I haven't had much wear out of them due to our awful weather.

I haven't done a 'Today I bought' post yet about my latest purchases from over the weekend. I've obviously been really busy with my new life and job down in London but I've also been concentrating on doing more outfit posts as now I have a better camera and my own tripod it's much easier to take them by myself. I'm planning a good shop this weekend and I have a few bits to return so once I've sorted myself I'll be sure to do a post!


  1. lovely outfit as always :)