Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lusting after #31

coat: zara
jumper: topshop
assymetric blouse: romwe
sequin wrap dress: lashes of london
bag: zara
printed blouse: romwe
crop top: topshop
dancing shoes: american apparel

Sooo many things I want at the moment yet so little money to buy them with! Since living in London my shopping addiction has increased, I blame this on constantly being surrounded by beautiful clothes at work and living so close to the best shops in the country. I'm loving Zara as always, this contrast coat is to die for... if only it wasn't priced at £130! I also love this leather handbag but again the price tag is ridiculously high so I'm better off adding it to my ever-growing christmas list! I'm a blouse addict at the moment and love this asymmetric nude style and printed shirt from Romwe. I'm a sucker for anything nude/peach and love a good silk shirt so these are right up my street. I'm also on the hunt for a new pair of day shoes and I really like this patent dancing shoes. I've tried every single store/ concession of American Apparel as well as online and they don't seem to have my size anywhere so I'm pretty near to giving up all hope! I found a similar pair in Topshop which had a slight glitter effect in the patent material but again they didn't have my size, just my luck. It's my friend's 21st birthday celebrations this weekend and this sequin wrap dress would be so perfect. I'm a little late as if I ordered it now it wouldn't arrive till Monday so I'm probably gonna end up wearing one of the many French Connection dresses I have acquired since working there, living the life...


  1. I want this coat! I love doing wish lists but then I get frustrated as I can't buy anything off them all! xx

  2. I can't help but love every Zara bag and see and this one is no exception! Haha :) So pretty.


  3. those shoes are gorgeous!
    i'm exactly the same with shoes though, all the size fours go way too fast!
    hope you manage to find a pair!
    laura xx