Monday, 29 October 2012

Dancing shoes

coat: jovonnista
top: french connection (sample sale)
leggings: american apparel
shoes: american apparel
laces: american apparel
scarf: zara
necklace: topshop
rings: topshop
spike bracelet: topshop
watch: michael kors
nails: american apparel 'mouse' and american apparel 'galaxy'
lips: mac 'pure zen'

Incredibly exhausting day topped off by walking home in the rain without an umbrella, not ideal! Currently sporting the 'drowned rat' look but at least it wasn't at the beginning of the day. You may remember from a previous 'Today I bought' post I featured a Topshop mac coat with leather sleeves. Well, I decided to return this as I wasn't getting as much wear out of it as I'd hoped and swapped it for this boyfriend style slouchy blazer. I saw a girl at the tube station the other day wearing a similar one so once I saw this in Topshop I snapped it up. It pretty much goes with everything and is super comfortable, I can see this quickly becoming my new favourite! I picked up this silk diamond print t-shirt in a sample sale at the office on Friday. I think it was originally priced at something ridiculous like £55 and I paid £4 so it was a definite bargain! I paired it with my classic AA lycra leggings which I rolled up at the ankle to emphasise my new babies! I've been looking for these dancing shoes for the past 2 months and nowhere seemed to have my size, not even online. I managed to put these on hold at the store in Carnaby Street and picked them up on Saturday. I also got 2 free pairs of laces with them so I chose this nude/peach shade and a deep purple/ red wine shade. I think the style of them is so cute and they are an easy everyday shoe which still look smart.

I also got round to changing my nail polish and decided to use my free AA polish which I got when I signed up to the newsletter in store, random I know! I chose this grey/lilac shade which is a really neutral colour for during the day and painted my third finger with the sequin style 'Galaxy' polish just to make them a bit different. I saw a photo recently on Tumblr of a sequin manicure so this kind of inspired me! 

I have been horrifically spoilt at work today and was allowed to clear out all the old samples and pick whichever ones I wanted before they got taken back to the warehouse. I chose some absolute beauties including the softest black fur coat I have ever seen! I may do a post on some of the things I have bought/ been given recently but it's just getting the time to collect everything together and photograph it all so it may not be till next week. I will try my very best!


  1. Gorgeous nail colours can't believe it was free. xx

  2. Love your posts, they're one of my favourites.

    Great outfit as always

  3. Your job sounds amazing, being able to pick out gorgeous pieces to keep :) I love your shoes, will have to to check them out next time i'm in AA, they seem such a nice twist on a classic piece :) Love your blog btw xo

  4. your styling and hair always look perfect no matter what! x

  5. Aaa hat scarf! Gorgeous (:

  6. Literally in love with this outfit you look fab...and those shoes are just wow..will have to check them out next time I;m passing AA.
    Love your blog, Maddie xx

  7. very cute!
    loving the skulls scarf esp.