Wednesday, 5 September 2012

This modern love

jumper: topshop
dress: h&m
shoes: eBay
pendant necklace: h&m
thin necklace: topshop
ring: topshop
watch: michael kors

After 5 hours sat in the hair salon today I finally have a new set of extensions so I'm feeling fresh! For those wondering, I use Great Lengths fitted extensions which are bonded to your hair separately so you have approximately 200 extensions fitted. They last around 5-6 months and are really good quality so although they are fairly pricey I think they are worth it! Moving cute is this heart jumper? It's very unlike me to wear anything overly girly like this but for some reason I was really drawn to it in the shop. I am a secret fluorescent pink lover when mixed with nude/ beige tones so paired it with this plain strapless nude dress underneath as the jumper is slightly sheer. I would usually wear this jumper with my AA leggings or something but as the weather is nice I've opted for the bare legs. 

I featured these spiked leopard print pumps in a previous 'Today I bought' post but I haven't actually worn them in an outfit post yet. You can pretty much wear these shoes with any outfit, I'm constantly clashing prints which some people don't do but I'm a fan. I bought them a few weeks ago off eBay for £19.99 and they are available in other colours so take a look. I'm off for my first ever Chiquitos experience tonight, I love mexican food and have somehow never been taken there so I'm rather excited! Fajitas, quesadillas or a burrito? 

(p.s. I've also just noticed that I've reached 500 followers, so thank you for everyone that has paid an interest in my blog - means a lot :-)!)


  1. I loveee the jumper! I love neons but would never wear them overtly but this looks so lovely!x

  2. Love the jumper!! xx

  3. Gorgeous shoes and necklace :) x

  4. those shoes are amazing! love your nails too!xo

  5. oh my god am in love with that jumper!


  6. i love your cute hairstyle


  7. Love the Shoes, you look lovely as always!xx

  8. That jumper is so cute! I love your shoes and watch too ;-)

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  10. That jumper is adorable but oh my god THE SHOES!! Definitely going to have a hunt for them on ebay - they are beaaaaut!

    Claire xxx

  11. Helloooo Lydia!
    Your hair looks lovely, definitely a good investment with the extensions- I use separately bonded ones when I wear extensions, but I just buy the hair and do them myself so its a lot cheaper- they only last about three months though but that suits me just fine given I'm not a hair dresser or anything!
    Anyway, they look really good, also I adore this jumper, I haven't seen it in my local topshop but I noticed it online a couple of days ago and I'm now saving up to treat myself. Its such a cute jumper.
    I love what you've paired it eith, those shoes are amazing!
    Anyway, I hope you're well.
    Speak soon,
    Laura xx