Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hearts & bows

vest: zara
disco pants: american apparel
boots: topshop
headband: american apparel
socks: topshop
necklaces: topshop
ring: topshop
lips: mac 'viva glam nicki'

I've officially completed my first weekend as a London citizen and it already feels like home! I spent this weekend with my boyfriend exploring the city and being a general cringey London tourist. We visited Leicester Square last night for a nice meal and a stroll around the bars, I ended up ordering steak and chips so you can tell who wears the trousers in our relationship! I finally caved in and bought the AA disco pants which I've been umping and ahhing over for the past 2 years. I religiously wear my AA lycra leggings but the disco pants suck you in so much more and I find them really flattering. I wore these with a plain loose low-armhole vest and a light denim bow in my hair. I used to wear a nude version of this bow a few years ago but someone once told me they looked like ears which put me off! I added a pop of colour with the bright pink lip as the outfit itself is quite plain. I love this shade of lipstick and wish they still sold it so I'm gonna have to ration myself from now on!

(p.s. I'm really not happy with these photos, I've had to edit them quite a bit because of the lack of lighting in my flat so please bear with me until I find a better spot to take my photos!)


  1. details that make the difference.
    I love your look.

  2. That outfits really cute & casual!
    I hope you've been enjoying your internship & i'm glad your loving LDN!

    Models & Macaroons

  3. awhh that bow headband is so cute!

  4. This is such a cute outfit, I love my disco pants.. I can tell I'll wear them far too often over winter though! Xx