Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Diary of a fashion intern

jumper: american apparel
shirt: topshop
leggings: american apparel
boots: zara
necklace: topshop
ring: topshop

I'm officially living in London and working as an intern for French Connection, at last! I can't believe how quickly this has come around after a 4 month Summer holiday but I have to say it feels really good to actually be doing something productive with my days. I started on Monday so this is only my third day but so far everyone has been really friendly and I've been doing little jobs like researching the latest fashion shows for inspiration for the next collection, running many errands around the city and sorting out the sample clothing, can't complain! For someone who lives to shop, it is absolute torture being surrounded by so many beautiful new clothes everyday. Apparently the company hold sample sales fairly often and sell all of the new designs for a highly discounted price so when that day comes I will go wild!

I didn't take any outfit photographs for my first day of work as I was panicking I would be late and had no idea where the tube station was. This is the outfit which I wore yesterday, the dress code is 'casual' so I paired this cream fisherman knit jumper with a light denim shirt to create a smart but still easy look. Most people tend to wear jeans, t-shirts and cardigans but I love getting dressed up too much to just throw on a pair of jeans! Maybe the novelty will soon wear off...or I run out of clothes to wear! Saying that, wearing blouses/ shirts everyday is producing a huge pile of washing as I seem to turn every collar orange from my make-up, oops! Anyway, posts may be a little slow this week as I am still getting to grips with my camera, job and our internet isn't quite sorted yet so bear with me...


  1. This is such a great outfit. Those boooots! You look amazing!

    Emily Wears Things

  2. Wow youre so lucky to have found a job in french connection!
    Your outfit is lovely, you have a beautiful sense of style. Yes true if you are surrounded by fab clothes all around you, you end up spending all your month pay...:p

  3. Congratulations on your internship at French Connection, sounds like you having a great time :)


  4. Nice look. I love the colour of your nails!

  5. wow lucky you! make the most of every second :)

    love this outfit and have massive hair envy :(((