Friday, 28 September 2012

Autumn Shades

dress: topshop
cardigan: topshop
belt: topshop
shoes: ebay
ring: topshop
hair clip: boots

Oh dear, another outfit made up entirely of Topshop items but considering the majority of my wardrobe consists of Topshop clothes this is difficult to avoid! Saying that, I have actually really gone off Topshop at the moment, I haven't found anything I've really liked in there for a long time. I remember the days where I used to love absolutely everything but now I'm much more of a Zara or Urban Outfitters fan. This Peter Pan collar dress is ancient, I think I bought it about 3 years ago but I love the peach colour and it's easy to just throw on. I wore it with my nude studded waist belt as it is really short, infact I think it is actually a top but the belt helped keep it down whilst walking around. I paired this with some black tights and my oversized pattern cardigan which I haven't worn in ages either. It reminds me of those big cardigans you often find in Vintage shops, I love the diamond pattern and the slouchy style is comfortable and can be worn with pretty much everything.

I've been trying to break in these spiked leopard slippers for ages but every time I wear them they seem to rub the back of my heels even more. I thought the back of the shoe may soften up as I wore them more but looks like I'm just gonna have to wear plasters every time! I'm absolutely shattered after my first week of work in the real world, as much as I have enjoyed myself I'm glad I've got the weekend to chill. Today the office held a sample sale where all of the samples that have been made are sold to the employees for a mega discounted price. I ended up buying 4 dresses which are currently in the French Connection stores now and paid £30 for them instead of the retail price of £480, can't complain!


  1. oh youre soo lucky!
    gotta love working in clothing stores ;) love the cardigan and your hair is fabulous!!

  2. your hair looks really nice like that xx

  3. The cardigan is gorgeous!

    Beth @

  4. I love your nails and shoes!

    Sarah x