Friday, 17 August 2012

Today I bought #37

white studded blouse: mango
tartan studded shirt: zara
tie-dye vest: pull and bear
bra: h&m
shorts: zara
rings: bijou brigitte
necklace: mango
waistbelt: zara
boots: zara
purse: zara

Just thought I'd post some photos of bits and pieces that I've bought whilst I've been over in Marbella. The shopping tends to be not that great unless you can afford designer clothes but the Zara is absolutely amazing over here (and cheaper!) which makes up for it. As you can see most of my purchases feature gold studs, I've become slightly addicted at the moment! My favourite item has to be the black/ gold studded Zara boots, these are going to become my everyday Autumn/ Winter boots and they are absolute beauties. I've also been buying a few blouses/ shirts recently for my internship which I begin in late September. The dress code is fairly casual so I'm thinking a buttoned up blouse with leggings and boots will be my usual style for work.

As much as I find it weird posting a photo of my bra on the internet I had to share how lovely this one is! I love the racerback style with the lace fabric and the gold clasp at the centre front is how you fasten the bra which really enhances your cleavage. Always a plus! I saw a girl wearing these sequin shorts around Puerto Banus and assumed they were All Saints due to the sequin embellishment style so I was quite surprised when I found them in Zara today. I really like the use of the light pastel colours contrasted with the dark gold but some of the sequins have already fallen off so I'm tempted to return them. 

I'm incredibly poor at the moment due to two holidays in Marbella and my spending habit getting out of control! Therefore, I have decided to make the use of eBay when I return home and start selling all of my clothes/ shoes which I no longer need. Although no doubt this will result in spending the money on more clothes/ shoes I don't need but oh well! I won't be starting this till I get back to the UK next week and start sorting out all my stuff, but for anybody who is interested my eBay username is 'lydiafayejones', thanks!


  1. Your shorts are gorgeous.

  2. I love the shirt and the boots, beautiful! x

  3. i want that necklace its so pretty xx