Monday, 16 July 2012

Today I bought #35

shirts: both zara (€29.99)
skirt: zara (€29.95)
lipstick: yves saint laurent
shorts: zara (€19.95)
boots: zara (€69.95)
nail polish: sephora 'purple jewellery', maxfactor 'diva coral', maxfactor 'chilled lilac' & maxfactor 'pretty in pink'
bracelet: marbella market

Apologies for being missing for the past week or so, I was enjoying my last days of sunshine before I was forced to return to this awful weather! It completely sucks to be back...the only things I am looking forward to is Nandos and Topshop. I thought I'd post the purchases I made whilst I was away, I realise they are all mainly from Zara but the stock over there is just so so good and slightly cheaper than the UK. I bought these two silky shirts in the sale, they will come in really useful when I start my internship in September and have to dress slightly more sophisticated! I particularly love the little gold skull buttons on the peach shirt although I'm not sure they will stay fastened too well. I will probably never get to wear this maxi skirt before I go back to Marbella unless a miracle happens and the sun appears. I love khaki shades at the moment and this will look good with a black crop and some big gold jewels. 

I always loved the ripped/ frayed shorts by Nasty Gal and these are pretty much dupes for a fraction of the price! I've worn them to death already and only bought them last week, such a bargain. I also bought these studded ankle boots which were not so much of a bargain but hey, I've been well behaved lately and thought I'd treat myself. Definitely need to invest in some suede protector before I take these bad boys anywhere though. I love these little Max Factor nail polishes, they actually stay on really well and the colour is really vibrant which is always good when you have a tan. My favourite is 'pretty in pink', it's a really bold peachy shade and goes with everything. Lastly I bought this cute little skull bracelet from one of the market stalls in Puerto Banus. I'm definitely a fan of stacking up the arm candy at the moment so I'm on the hunt for some more small rope style ones whilst I'm back. 

I'm off to the Bullring tomorrow surprise surprise, I don't mess about! However, after 3 weeks of partying I am beyond poor so doubt there will be a lot to post about. I've also managed to leave my camera charger in Marbella so I might be able to do a quick outfit post if my battery doesn't die. I'm spending the evening in bed with a cup of tea and enjoying not being swelteringly hot for once, adios!


  1. You picked up some really nice stuff! Loving the second shirt and the bracelet. :)

  2. Oh wow! I want everything! LOVE the shoes and the skirt :)

  3. Aah you have those boots! They're so pretty! Here they cost €100, that's a bit too much for me :(
    The peach blous is gorgeous aswell :)

  4. everything is really nice, loving the ysl lipstick x

  5. Oh man! Now I can't stop thinking about those boots! They are perfection and I think payday I will be buying them. Would love to see an outfit post with them in.

    Cath x