Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lusting after #27

dip-dye dress: topshop
skull bracelet: romwe
wedges: topshop
blouse: miss selfridge
studded pumps: miss selfridge
striped body: ark clothing
sheer dress: miss selfridge

I have officially gone cold turkey on shopping for 8 days and it's proving to be quite the challenge. The only good thing is that I'm searching through my old clothes for once and wearing things again in different styles rather than just buying something new. However, this has not stopped me from browsing online shops constantly, wishing I had a money tree growing in my back garden! These are just a few pieces I really like that are around at the moment. I especially love this dip-dye dress with the chain details at the shoulders. This would be perfect for going out on the night with my black JCs and some bright lippy but could also be worn during the day with black tights and my Adonis boots. I also like this sheer dress with a nude body underneath and the embroidery at the neckline. I always look at dresses like this and think 'ahh how nice' but never end up purchasing them because I can't really think of where I would wear it apart from a special occasion. 

I mentioned in a previous post I was looking for some new flats and I like these studded pumps as a replacement for my grotty Topshop Vectras. I do want something different though so I'm still on the hunt. I also found these gorgeous black wedges which I really don't need but can still dream about. I love the thick straps across the foot and the contrast of the light wedge, perfect for making a light Summer dress look more grungy. I'm off out tonight even though I'm full of hay fever, nothing will keep me away from having a good time! I may also outfit repeat for the first time in my life and wear the same outfit I wore on the weekend, I'm a changed woman already...

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