Friday, 20 July 2012

Lusting after #26

tank dress: river island
spiked bralet: ark clothing
belt: asos
nike blazers: nike @ asos
spiked bracelet: asos
blazer: river island

There are soooo many things I really want at the moment and having no money just makes me browse the internet at ridiculous times of the morning! Sometimes I really do wish money grew on trees. Maybe this will become a learning curve so I only buy things that I really want and stop pushing things to the back of my wardrobe after one wear. Items like the slouched blazer, tank dress and Nike blazer trainers are ones I could see becoming staple items within my A/W wardrobe. The blazer and the dress are pretty neutral so could be worn in many different ways to create different looks. I've wanted a pair of Nike blazers for ages but just never commit to buying a pair but I really like this light grey/ lavender shade although they would get completely wrecked very quickly! 

I really like this 'stud' trend at the moment but I tend to lean towards the spiked studs rather than the flat ones. I love this metal plate waist belt with the studded band but I'm always really wary about ordering belts from the internet because I've got a small waist and never know how it will fit. I also really like this studded bralet from Ark, it's also available in black but I think the white is more suitable for Summer and will look good with a tan. Only 18 days to go and counting...

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