Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Today I bought #31

playsuit: miss selfridge (£39.00)
dress: h&m (£7.99)
skirt: river island (£22.00)
white crop: river island (£20.00)
zebra crop: (£12.00)
bikini: h&m (£12.00)
nail polish: h&m nerd (£2.99)
necklace: h&m (£6.99)
flatforms: river island (£35.00)
sandals: river island (£30.00)

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am flying to Marbella tomorrow morning for a last minute bank holiday weekend, ridiculously excited! I spent today doing some last minute holiday shopping and I have been limited to a 10kg suitcase which is absolutely killing me! I am only there for 5 days so it isn't the end of the world but still a tricky challenge. My favourite purchase of the day has to be these flatforms, I was looking for sandals that were mainly nude/ gold so that they would go with most outfits and these fit the bill perfectly. I love the cork flatform combined with the gold detailing and these will be perfect for mooching around Puerto Banus or evening meals. I also picked up these gold plated sandals for the beach, they have a slight roman/ gladiator feel about them and I love the gold chain at the back which clips around the ankle. For anyone who read my post yesterday I managed to find the orange bikini and it had been reduced from £20 to £12, love it when that happens! 

I found this palm tree printed playsuit in the petite section at Miss Selfridge but I'm fairly short so it fits pretty well. I love the cowl style front and the opening at the back, I'm planning to wear this on a night out  with my nude/ rose gold Topshop wedges if I can fit them in my luggage! I bought the two crop tops and grey maxi skirt for during the day or casual evening meals/ drinks, I am taking a number of maxi skirts and crop tops which I can mix and match to make different outfits. My flight is at 7am so I need to start packing and get an early night which is going to be hard because I'm so excited! Hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday, I plan to take some outfit photos whilst I'm there and post them when I return but apologies in advance if this fails miserably!


  1. I love everything you got, especially the shoes! You should wear your wedges on the plane and just have sandals in your bag so you can swap when you get off the plane (I usually have my shoes off on the plane anyway so doesn't make much difference!)
    Hope you have a great time :) x

  2. I like the playsuit and the white crop, and i think are a good idea for the sun and hot of Marbella. Enjoy your holidays.


  3. You had a good spend!! Haha love the first dress or playsuit with the palm trees on it! Have a good time! xx

  4. Hi Lydia, I absolutely loooove your blog I have to say I feel a bit like a fan girl, I go check every single one of your posts. You look so pretty and have the most amazing hair + fashion sense. Your blog is so inspiring to me!
    Okay I just wanted to say HI :-)

    1. Awh thank you that's so lovely :-) x

  5. Such good buys! Love the bikini and the second pair of sandals! Your posts always make me want what you have! x

  6. that bikini is absolutely gorgeous xx