Saturday, 19 May 2012

Today I bought #29

playsuit: river island
dress: primark
shirt dress: ark
disco leggings: ark

I swear revision has actually increased my amount of shopping lately. I'm gonna put it down to the fact that although I've been stuck in the house I have also I've been avoiding work by doing copious amounts of internet shopping. I'm definitely suffering from cabin fever, can't wait till Thursday when exams are over and I have 4 months free to do absolutely anything! On to the clothes...I bought this playsuit the other day, I love the racerback front with the white piping. Unfortunately it came with a rather tacky monochrome belt but I have replaced this with my Moschino belt and it looks so much better. I also bought this dress from Primark which I am actually returning, I love the shape and colour but the fit is really unflattering. It literally clings to every part of your body, not ideal for even the skinniest of girls!

I much prefer this sheer shirt dress, the colour is right up my street (may clash slightly with my hair) and I love the little gold collar tips. I also picked up these disco leggings from Ark which are exactly the same as the American Apparel leggings but have a thinner waistband which I kind of prefer. I always find the waistband on the AA leggings comes up far too high and for £10 less these are a definite bargain!


  1. Love the shirt dress , want my hair that colour. cool blog kay x

  2. Such a shame that Primark dress is unflattering... the colour is gorgeous! xx

  3. I love the shirt dress, such pretty detail! The leggings are a definite bargain, the colour is amazing too x

  4. I love the shirt dress, especially the colour!

  5. how does the shirt dress from ark run in size if you don't mind me asking?

    I'm a huge fan of your blog!


  6. Thank you! I haven't worn it yet I only quickly tried it on, I bought a size 10 and it fits fine x

  7. love your purchases xx