Friday, 18 May 2012

Lusting after #23

all clothing: nastygal
belt: aqua
shoes: CJG for Topshop

I adore pretty much every single item on the NastyGal website, they have such a wide variety of clothing and it's different than anything you can get on the high street. I was really tempted to order the black vest and the orange bandage skirt until I saw how expensive the shipping was so the items are still waiting in my 'tote'. I'm also extremely gutted that I didn't get online quick enough to order a pair of these Bella Bea wedges by Chloe Green for Topshop. I wasn't blown away by the collection but I love these nude wedges with the lazercut detailing and how every shoe has a green sole, very Louboutin-esque! I also really want this Electric Dreams belt but I can't really justify the £50 price tag. It is pretty similar to my Moschino one but thicker and nude which is more suitable for the Summer. I live in Leeds which is where the Aqua shop is located and it's so difficult walking past and not going in to buy it! Maybe when I'm not so poor from my last spree...

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  1. i love those shoes xx