Monday, 14 May 2012

Ice box

shirt: topshop
skirt: topshop
shoes: office
bag: zara
watch: michael kors
earrings: topshop

Bit of a Topshop outfit overload today I'm afraid! It doesn't help when the majority of my wardrobe is from Topshop so picking an outfit without that is pretty difficult. I took a small break from revision today and headed up to the Bullring for what I call a 'mooch' that ends up as a super spend! I didn't buy that much but I'll post my purchases tomorrow. I've worn this shirt so many times since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, I love the really pale shade of denim and usually wear it tied up into a crop with shorts or a skirt. I've also worn this outfit on a night out with the grey marl skater skirt but without the tights and a studded waist belt, definitely one of my favourites at the moment. 

I've worn into these new flatform trainers over the past few days so they have now stopped rubbing and become slightly grubby. I do hate it when you buy new shoes and they are so sparkling white and stiff that you feel really stupid! I don't usually include my bag in outfit photos because I always use the same large Chanel one but I love this grey messenger bag with rose gold detailing, it goes perfectly with this outfit and I generally love anything rose gold anyway!


  1. You are so pretty! And i have serious hair envy right now :)

  2. cute outfit, love the simple style of this and the Zara bag is a total must have :)


  3. hey :) i just wondered how you put your hair up with extensions? are they clip in? if they are do you clip them higher to put it up? i love your hair by the way! x

    1. I do wear extensions but they are bonded not clip-ins so I just treat them like my normal hair! X

  4. I want your wardrobe!! :D

  5. loveee this outfit, your hair is amazing!

  6. i love your hair when its up like that xx