Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Everyday face

I've had quite a few requests over the past couple of months to do a post about what make-up I use everyday and how I apply it. I thought I'd take the opportunity today as I finished all my work for uni but didn't get round to doing an outfit post. I'm just going to run through the products I use step by step and how I generally go about applying each one. The photos I have used were taken in the daylight and haven't been edited so you can see exactly how it has worked on my skin.

Benefit Porefessional: I begin by applying a small amount of this primer over all areas of my face, a little goes a long way so only a minimal amount is needed. I find this product evens out my skin and creates a smooth finish which allows my foundation to glide on easily.
Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Finish (07 Medium/Deep): I use a Mac 190 foundation brush to blend this foundation evenly across my skin. I call this my 'Barbie' foundation because it has such a full coverage and gives a really nice matte finish. I love a thick foundation, this one doesn't really heavy on my skin but I do think many people may find this too thick. 
Benefit Erase Paste: Using my finger, I dab the erase paste underneath my eyes to cover any dark circles and sometimes on any blemishes or spots for an extra thick coverage. I also sometimes use Illamasque Rich Liquid foundation as a concealer as it is really thick and covers any blemishes well.
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (Medium Deep): Using a thick bronzer brush, I brush this skin finish over all areas of my face to give an even matte finish and to conceal all of my skin make-up. I also find that this powder adds an extra glow to my skin as it is slightly darker than my foundation.

Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palette (Bone 2 & Rich Brown 11): I love a really thick, dark eyebrow so to create this I actually use an eyeshadow from a customised Bobbi Brown palette. I begin by using a medium size eyeshadow brush to highlight my brow bone with Bone 2, a light ivory tone which acts as a good base. I then use a Mac 208 brush and Rich Brown 11 eyeshadow to create the shape of my brow line. I use the Bare Minerals Soft Focus Tapered Liner brush to draw the inner curved shape of my eyebrow and the thinner end. I find it difficult to explain how to create my eyebrow shape as I think it all depends upon your own natural shape and luckily I have quite long brows.

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumising Mascara: As we all know I can't go a day without wearing my false eyelashes, but as a base I begin my curling my eyelashes with a Chanel eyelash curler and applying a single coat of this mascara to my top and bottom lashes.
Eyelure Naturalites Intense Eyelashes: These are the eyelashes I use most often which are available from Boots, but I do differ from this shape time to time depending on if I want thicker or shorter lashes. I apply these after my mascara by applying a coat of the glue along my lash line and along the actual line of the eyelash. After 30 seconds I bond the eyelash to my eye line and hold for a few seconds until dry. I know many people find this very difficult but I promise it just takes practice! I also find that because I have larger eyes they tend to fit around the shape of my eye easier than some people.
Rimmer Exxagerate Liquid Liner: I apply a fairly thick liner across the top lash line and sometimes a small flick at the outer edges to create a sleeker eye. Creating this flick also takes practice, I have many times had to re-apply once or twice if I don't get the shape right but luckily this liner is really easy to remove if you make any mistakes.
Yves Saint Laurent Black Eye Pencil: To finish off the eyes, I use a black eye pencil on the insider lower lid to darken to eye and create a more defined look. I would really recommend this particular eye pencil because it is really dark, thick and stays on the eye for a long time without re-applying.
(I also re-curl my eyelashes once I have finished the eyes to bond my real eyelashes together with the false
eyelashes so that both rows of lashes cannot be seen and to lift the false lashes slightly.)

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel: I am aware that this is a make-up base but I also think it works well as a cheek contour. I use a Mac 190 foundation brush to lightly apply the product to my cheekbones and find that this gives the ultimate definition and makes my cheekbones really stand out.
Mac Sheertone Blush (Gingerly): I then use a thick Bare Minerals blusher brush to define my cheeks further and give a brighter glow. I find that this Gingerly shade has a slight peachy/ orange tone so I only use it in really small amounts.
Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades: This has definitely become one of my favourite products recently and considering how cheap it is I really recommend it. I use the white square as a highlighter along the top of my cheeks and sometimes across my forehead using a thick Bare Minerals blusher blush. I then use the bottom left bronze shade at the very inner corners of my cheekbones to give the most definition and a darker shimmer.
Nars Multiple Bronzer (Lamu): To finish off I apply a small amount of this multiple bronzer across the tops of my cheekbones and across my eyelids and brow bones using my fingers. The Lamu shade is quite glittery and creates a really soft dewy glow which is perfect for the Summer season and really highlights the areas you apply it to. I have used a small blusher brush to apply this before but I find it works better using fingers or by applying it directly to your skin.

Mac Freckle-Tone, Mac Sweet Sunrise & Mac Angel: I'm a complete Mac whore when it comes to lipsticks so it should be no surprise that my daily lips are a range of Mac lipsticks. I mostly use Sweet Sunrise as this is fairly pale with a creamy texture and blends in the best with my complexion. I find that Freckle-Tone has a slight peachy tone and Angel is quite pink so I use these shades depending on the colour palette of my clothing.

Wow, it wasn't until I'd written all of it down that I realised just how many products I use on a daily basis for my make-up! I know it seems like a lot but I think that when you're used to a routine it just seems normal. I hope this post has helped anyway, it's the first time I have posted anything about my daily routine but I might make it into a more regular thing as I do tend to change my daily products if I discover a really good new product. Hope everyone has had a lovely day, I went shopping (again) so will be sure to post about my purchases!


  1. your skin is amazing! you're gorgeoussssss!xx

  2. Iv got to get my hands on the Benefit Porefessional & those Bobbi Brown Eyeshadows!!!

    Hayley xo

  3. You look lovely, I like your everyday look! I love the MAC lipstick colours. x