Monday, 23 April 2012

Today I bought #25

jacket: zara (£89.99)
skirt: miss selfridge (£39)

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts recently, I've been really busy with my university projects and the lighting in my house is awful which makes me not want to take photographs as much! I'll get back on it as soon as possible. Today I ventured into town for a well deserved break from work even though the weather was torrential and miserable. I've been after a new jacket for during the day as I'm real fed up of my Topshop quilted leather jacket which just about everyone and their mother has! I saw this one and it was pretty much love at first sight no matter what the price tag was. My friend turned round to me today and said 'I've only just realised how bad your shopping addiction is!' I think it is actually getting worse, if I don't buy something I can't stop thinking about it, think I need some form of counselling! Anyway, I love the combination of the parka style jacket with the leather sleeves, this image doesn't do the jacket any justice so I'll take some photos wearing it soon.

'Another dipped hem skirt?' I hear you say, yep I'm afraid so! In all fairness, I don't have a sheer one with knicker shorts underneath but I should maybe think about stopping after this one. I also took 6 empty containers into Mac to get a free lipstick so chose a purple/ lilac shade called Up The Amp. I'm planning on layering it on top of Saint Germain to create a lilac shade as I can't find anywhere that does the colour I'm after. Whilst I was there I tested the extra dimension highlighter in Whisper of Gilt which is the perfect highlighter for Summer but unfortunately it has sold out everywhere, even online so I'm just gonna have to wait for that one it seems.

p.s. oops, just realised this Zara jacket is a different version of the one I have! Mine has gold popper buttons and a fold-over collar, knew it looked different in the photo!

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