Friday, 6 April 2012

Today I bought #21

porefessionally pretty set: benefit (£23.50)
blusher: collection 2000 (£4.95)
t-shirt: topshop (£18)
skirt: primark (£8)
jewellery: topshop

These are the purchases from my little shopping trip the other day, I've had loads of posts lined up since my internet was down so I've been spreading them out over the days. I usually use the No.7 Airbrush Primer but thought I'd try this Porefessionally Primer by Benefit which everyone keeps raving about. I'm really confused as to why this set was the same price as the primer on it's own? I've also heard this shimmer blusher is really good, I used it last night and completely agree. It has quite a subtle shimmer but gives your cheeks a nice glow for a cheap price. 

I had some things to take back to Topshop so exchanged them for this sheer striped t-shirt and some jewellery as my rings/ earrings were becoming far too repetitive for my liking. I particularly love the little string charm bracelets, they are simple so can be worn all the time I'm just hoping they don't break! I'm a sucker for these dipped hem skirts at the moment, my collection has risen to a total of 8 (oops!). But they are so suitable for this season and can be worn to create different styles for during the day and nights out. I also bought this grey skirt in black as they are fairly cheap and will probably go out of stock in my size pretty quickly so if you want one I'd get it now!


  1. Great post! I love the jewellery I'll definetely take a look at their range next time I'm in topshop. I recently posted about the Porefessional Primer and was interested in buying it though put off by the price but I'm really interested in this set as I've heard great thing about the erase paste.

    Julz xx

  2. Top Shop jewellery is the best, love it :) <3 xx

  3. I love the jewellery from topshop, they have some lovely things in at the moment:)