Saturday, 7 April 2012

Spotting at nothing

dress: topshop
belt: topshop
shoes: urban outfitters
watch: michael kors
bracelets: topshop
rings: topshop
nails: 17 mellow yellow
lips: mac snob

Just a quick post as I'm in a rush getting ready to go for dinner with my friend, spent the majority of the day pampering myself and I'm still not ready surprise surprise! I bought this dress a few weeks ago and intended to wear it to a party but then decided it was too casual and not really 'me'. I was considering returning it but then thought it would be nice during the Spring season due to the bright colours and classic spots. I also bought these Underground wedges the other week and was considering returning them too due to the hefty price tag and my low bank balance! But they are just so god damn cool, they are not going anywhere. I think they take the playful girly style away from the outfit and add a slight grunge twist which I really like, not usually one for frilly dresses and such.

I also got round to re-doing my nails for the first time in weeks after being so lazy/ in love with my previous set. How amazing is this bright yellow colour? Well, I like to think of it as 'glitter blonde' as yellow nails sounds slightly grim! Right, enough rambling gotta dash, hope everyone has a lovely evening!


  1. You look lovely, love the dress :) x

  2. really cute dress and i love those bracelets too. perfect day time outfit, i love it

    Mel x

  3. love your dress!
    your shoes are amazing xx

  4. I love this dress, and your hair. You're so pretty.


  5. The dress is lovely, glad you didn't return the wedges they're really cool!

    joanne from