Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lusting after #21

t-shirt: rowme (£21.57)
bikini: topshop (£32)
extra dimension highlighter: mac whisper of gilt (£21.50)

There are so many things I'm after at the moment that whittling it down was a bit of a toughy! I love this plain YSL tee from Romwe, I'm really low on day-wear at the moment so this with my AA lycra leggings or Levi's denim shorts will be perfect when the weather stops being so awful. I've been after this bikini for weeks now ever since it first came into stores but they've sold out online and only have size 14/16 left in every Topshop I've visited. I refuse to pay £55 which is what they are asking for on eBay, fingers crossed it will come back in stock because I need this in my life for Marbella. I have also been after the Mac Extra Dimension Highlight in Whisper of Gilt but this has also sold out everywhere, what is happening with the world?! The shade is a light highlighting white tone with a touch of shimmery gold which is perfect for my skin tone. I tried the other shades which they had left but they were much too dark. I'm off to the Bullring to do some 'project research' (basically shopping) so I'm really hoping they have it in Selfridge's. Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I've been home and our internet is really bad/ we had a power cut today so it really hasn't been my week!

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