Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lusting after #19

outfit: topshop
sequin shorts: topshop
ombre handbag: zara
sequin dress: all saints

I am so tempted to move back to Leeds a week early purely because our internet at home is so awful! I'm home alone as my parents are on holiday and so far the internet has broken, a tree has fallen onto the house and we have no hot water, fantastic! I've managed to sneak over to my brother's house to get some work done/ internet shop (not gonna lie!). This is a just a small collection of some of the things that I've had my eye on at the moment. I love how Topshop have styled this outfit with the embroidered sheer blouse and white blazer but I think I much prefer these high-waisted iridescent hot pants to the bright pink. I'm like a magpie and always drawn to bright or glittery things so I really like this sequin dress as well. It's quite similar to my All Saints aztec print dress but not so bold with more pastel shades. I've had my eye on this ombré shopper since January but at £99.99 and a very low bank balance I'm not yet convinced!

1 comment:

  1. That handbag is gorgeous. Not sure about the price tag though! x