Friday, 13 April 2012

Lavender girl

top: topshop
skirt: topshop
shoes: jeffrey campbell
socks: jonathan aston
earrings: topshop
nails: 17 forever
lips: mac sweet sunrise

I don't usually post outfits that I wear on nights out just because a) I don't usually have the time before and b) I prefer daytime outfits because they just seem more stylish and you can layer etc. However, I am completely in love with this outfit, the skirt has quickly become my favourite item that I've bought lately. I love the watercolour pastel print combined with the plain white tee, and the earrings match the tone of the outfit perfectly.

You may realise from the photographs that I've dip-dyed the ends of my hair a sort of lavender/ lilac shade but it's pretty hard to get the really colour across in photos due to the lighting. I used the Crazy Colour semi-permanent hair dye so it's not gonna be a permanent look, just thought I'd give it a go and see what I thought. I actually think it comes across really subtle considering my hair is now 3 different colours! It was fairly easy to apply I just rubbed it onto the ends of my hair and my extensions and washed out after 30 minutes. I've bought a candy floss pink colour too so might try that one out once this one has faded.


  1. Love your blog, such a big fan and that skirt is gorgeous! Just started following you, would love if you could check out my blog :)


  2. really love this skirt! You look great x

  3. Love love love the skirt! So S/S! Wouldn't be something I'd wear in the UK, but deffo on holiday. :)
    Hair looks great too.

  4. Ooh dying to see a full on hair photo!

  5. Major hair envy going on right now :-o Love the outfit too! New follower :) xx

  6. I LOVE YOU HAIR ! It's like . . . WOW ! WOW ! WOW !

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