Friday, 16 March 2012

Today I bought #18

crop top: asos (£10.00)
t-shirt: asos (£40.00)
rings: asos (£8.00)

In celebration of handing in my final project today (and the reluctance to physically go shopping) I had a little splurge on Asos and purchased two tops and some rings. I really needed a black crop top to wear with my new red American Apparel leggings. I have so many t-shirt crops that I wanted to go for something different that can be worn with plain leggings and still make an interesting outfit. I also bought this ombre t-shirt which I've been wanting for ages but the price tag turned me off. Eventually I bit the bullet. These gold spike rings are pretty cool, wanted some simple cheap rings that I can wear across my three middle fingers so these pretty much fit the bill! 

I'm heading back home tomorrow for the Easter holidays so will definitely be posting outfit looks more often. It's much harder at uni because the lighting is so awful in our house and most days I'm in my room working so don't get dressed up. I'm really looking forward to home-cooking, my own bed and freshly washed clothes! 

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  1. I've got these rings on my want list as well :)