Monday, 5 March 2012

Product review #4

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (£29.00)

I've had such a successful day today! I had my braces removed which many of you probably didn't notice I had in the first place as I'm not a big smiler! I only had them on the back of my teeth anyway so they weren't very noticeable but still such a relief to have them off. I also purchased a new Macbook Pro as mine is slowly dying on me and keeps sounding like it's about to explode. And finally I went and had my design portfolio printed off for a really exciting interview tomorrow. I'm really nervous and I know I don't handle myself too well in interviews,  I tend to pause too much and then not actually hear what I'm saying but fingers crossed!

Anyway, I bought this Soleil Tan De Chanel a while ago and I've recently started using it under and on top of my foundation. I started using it as a base so my foundation blended in better but it also works well on top just to add slightly more colour to your cheeks. It has a really nice velvety texture as it is a cream-gel formula so glides onto your skin nicely. I use a foundation brush to apply onto my skin but I guess you could use your hands, personally I just prefer using a brush as it's less messy. I'm pretty sure you can use this as a foundation to give a sun-kissed look but my skin needs a really thick matte foundation. Those of you blessed with perfect skin, go ahead! I'd really recommend this product, I know it's a little pricey but it's a large amount so will last you a long time.

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