Tuesday, 20 March 2012


t-shirt: asos
necklace: forever 21
earrings: topshop
spike rings: asos
ring: topshop
lips: mac sweet sunrise

There's nothing better than waking up to an ASOS parcel on the kitchen table! I ordered this t-shirt the other day after seeing some people wearing it around different blogs and really liked the ombré style for the Summer. I ordered a size XS/S because it comes up quite big, infact it came up so big that I managed to wear it as a dress with some thick black tights. I also wore my new triple spike rings which came in a cute little box. You can adjust the size so you can wear them across your three middle fingers, I just hope they're not really bad quality and turn my fingers green as they were only £8. 

I went to the Bullring today and bought some bits and bobs which I'll post about tomorrow. I had to buy a dress for my friend's party on Friday but it's so typical that when you want something you can't find anything. I ended up buying two Topshop dresses so I have a few options as I'm not too sure what the dress code is yet. I also bought some nail glue so I can change my nails tomorrow because I keep thinking these galaxy ones look messy. I managed to find some of the Rimmel Matte Finish nail varnish which I've been after so might try that over a light grey/ mint shade.


  1. I'm loving the ombre trend at the moment. Seen a few items I want, this included.
    You look lovely :-)

    Holli x

  2. I really like this top, always think a nice T can looked really cool if dressed up in the right way


  3. Really love this tshirt.. just what ive been looking for. deffo ombre tshirt than ombre tights for me. :)
    Hope you have a lovely party..

  4. really love that t shirt. can u leave a link to where to get it on the asos site?