Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lusting after #18

shoes: kurt geiger (£180.00)

I originally planned to go shopping today but it's been one of those morning when you wake up feeling really full of cold and then as the day goes on you feel absolutely fine, damn! To make myself feel better I've been browsing online (also known as procrastinating immensly to avoid any form of work) and came across these beauties. We all know I'm a complete shoe addict, I think if I was offered a full designer outfit or a pair of Louboutins I'd go for the shoes any day! These are also perfect because I love nude, apart from the fact it gets dirty so easily. I also love the peep toe/ shoe boot shape because I often need a strap or boot to keep my foot in place as I'm not that great in walking in open foot or court shoes. I can see these fitting in perfectly with my Summer wardrobe so I might have to break the bank...


  1. These are so nice :) quite louboutin-est as well i think its the studs! X

  2. Ooh they are gorgeous!

    joanne from