Thursday, 29 March 2012

Today I bought #20

dress: zara (£22.99)
underground wedges: urban outfitters (£110)
trainers: topshop (£48)
studded crop: topshop (£22)
american flag crop: topshop (£12)

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a little naughty splurge whilst visiting my friend in Manchester. I couldn't resist when the shopping is so good! I bought this maxi dress with a sheer panel at the hemline for holidays as this weather has got me in the summer mood. It's a linen fabric so perfect for the beach but I can also see mysqlf wearing it around town if the weather continues to stay like this...fingers crossed. I also had a shoe splurge and bought these Underground wedges which are new in at the moment. The only thing is, I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to wear them. They are almost too high to wear during the day but not high enough to wear on nights out, dilemma! Considering returning them but I love them far too much. I also bought these trainers which have a hidden heel within the sole so they don't make me look so short and stumpy like my converse do!

Lastly I'm a sucker for crop tops and these two are so easy to throw on with a pair of leggings or skirt on a night out. I ordered the studded crop online and I'm not too sure about the fit. It's quite tight around the waist due to the stitched studs but then really loose around the shoulders. I've officially started my shopping strike today, I buy far too many clothes and they end up sitting at the back of my wardrobe. From now on I am going to re-use my clothes, put together different outfit combinations and make use of what I already have. It's gonna be a struggle to say the least...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


crop: asos
skirt: ark
belt: ebay
shoes: jeffrey campbell
spike rings: asos
stone ring: topshop
nails: collection 2000 buried treasure
rimmel pro matte finish

The past few days have made me realise just how much I rely on the internet and other technology related things! The internet in our area has been down for the past couple of days so I've been living without online shopping and blogging. The world may as well have ended there and then! So this is the outfit that I wore the other night for a night out with my friends. I bought this skirt the other day and it was only available in a M so I've had to belt it rather tightly to keep it up. I really like this skirt because it's not too long at the back and it's a cotton jersey fabric so feels quite lightweight and not too dressy. I also wore my new Jeffrey Campbells which I haven't taken off my feet since I bought them, they are just as amazing as I imagined...if not more.

I'm currently in Manchester visiting one of my friends, never been before and didn't realise how good the shops were! I've bought a ridiculous amount of things which I can't afford but oh well. I'll hopefully get round to doing a post about my new purchases tomorrow but if not I'm back home on Friday. Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather and taking full advantage of their summer clothing that has been stuffed at the back of the wardrobe for god knows how long!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Cocktail hour

dress: topshop
belt: ebay
shoes: aldo
socks: harvey nichols
bag: chanel
spike rings: asos
stone ring: topshop
lips: mac viva glam nicki
nails: collection 2000 buried treasure
rimmel pro matte finish

After much deliberation this is the dress I chose to wear to my friend's birthday party last night. At first I was slightly worried it looked too casual being a t-shirt dress but I think the print makes it stand out so dressed it up with a belt and some jewellery. I wore my trusty Aldo wedges that are still my favourite shoes that I've ever bought. They are gradually getting more and more battered but I still love them. I always seem to wear socks with my heels at the moment, I think this look is really suitable for Spring and also stops your shoes from rubbing!

This is the outcome of the Rimmel Pro Matte Finish I used on top of a shimmery gold nail varnish. You can see it has created a really smooth matte finish which is what I wanted. I might try this over some glitter next time to see what effect is created. I had all of my extensions removed on Wednesday so I've been wearing clip-ins which I really hate. I know you can't really tell the difference but I find them so uncomfortable on my scalp and they don't blend in as well with my natural hair. I'm off to the hair salon in a minute to have a new set of extensions put back in, that's how much I can't stand them! I'm going to be in the hair salon for around 4-5 hours which is annoying on such a lovely sunny day...oh well!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Product review #5

Tresemmé Plumping Powder (£5.50)

I couldn't resist reviewing this little beauty as it has quickly become one of my all time favourite hair products. I hadn't come across 'plumping powders' until my hairdresser used the Bed Head powder on my hair once and I really liked the effect it created. The Tresemmé Plumping Powder is a cheaper version of the Bed Head powder but I find it does the job just as well, if not better. 

I apply the powder to the roots of my hair once I have dried, curled and styled. I gently tip the bottle and apply the powder directly onto the hair and rub in with my fingers to blend the powder in. It immediately creates a stiff root which makes it much easier to backcomb your hair and allows it to stay in place. I'm a big fan of massive hair and on a night out I'm constantly visiting the toilets to re-backcomb my hair as it always flattens. However, this plumping powder is the only product I've come across that actually makes my hair stay in place. I also think it helps you cause less damage to your hair when backcombing as you don't have to do it so much. At a reasonable price of £5.50 this is a five star product, affordable and does what it says on the bottle.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Today I bought #19

both dresses: topshop
vest top: urban outfitters
illuminator: nars laguna 
nail polishes: rimmel matte finish
rimmel grey matter
17 forever
17 mellow yellow

I mentioned yesterday about a couple of dresses I bought for my friend's birthday party at The Cube on Friday night. I do outfit repeat during the day and for nights out but if it's a special occasion I like to buy something new so I feel better in it. These are my two options at the moment, they look really unflattering shapes on the hanger! I think the polka dot one is more for a daytime look so I'm leaning towards the abstract/ monochrome print t-shirt dress with some gold jewellery and my Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I also bought this Nars illuminator which you can use all over your face during the Summer or just as a highlighter on your cheeks and brows. I've only just used to today but I can already see it will become part of my daily make-up routine. I applied it using my hands to the top of my cheekbones and brows to give a light shimmer, it glides on really easily and creates a dewey glow. 

I also purchased a few nail varnishes as I'm getting bored of my current collection. I originally wanted the Models Own Matte Finish but it has proved impossible to find so I settled with the Rimmel version. I used it last night on top of a shiny gold polish which I'll feature in my next outfit post. I really like Rimmel nail polish because they have a flat application brush and dry really quickly. I highly recommend Rimmel products at the moment as they're currently on a 3 for 2 offer and who doesn't love a good bargain?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


t-shirt: asos
necklace: forever 21
earrings: topshop
spike rings: asos
ring: topshop
lips: mac sweet sunrise

There's nothing better than waking up to an ASOS parcel on the kitchen table! I ordered this t-shirt the other day after seeing some people wearing it around different blogs and really liked the ombré style for the Summer. I ordered a size XS/S because it comes up quite big, infact it came up so big that I managed to wear it as a dress with some thick black tights. I also wore my new triple spike rings which came in a cute little box. You can adjust the size so you can wear them across your three middle fingers, I just hope they're not really bad quality and turn my fingers green as they were only £8. 

I went to the Bullring today and bought some bits and bobs which I'll post about tomorrow. I had to buy a dress for my friend's party on Friday but it's so typical that when you want something you can't find anything. I ended up buying two Topshop dresses so I have a few options as I'm not too sure what the dress code is yet. I also bought some nail glue so I can change my nails tomorrow because I keep thinking these galaxy ones look messy. I managed to find some of the Rimmel Matte Finish nail varnish which I've been after so might try that over a light grey/ mint shade.

Monday, 19 March 2012

One more time

crop: topshop
skirt: primark
cardigan: zara
rings: topshop
earrings: urban outfitters
boots: topshop
lips: mac viva glam nicki

I'm completely addicted to this lipstick at the moment, I only bought it a couple of weeks ago and I must've worn it nearly every day. I think what I love about it is the way it brightens up any outfit as most of the clothes I wear are pretty neutral shades. I bought this aztec print top a while back but haven't found the right outfit to wear it with. I think it goes pretty well with this leather high-waisted skirt for during the day because it doesn't show too much 'midriff'. I'm a big fan of Zara at the moment, their new collection is to die for. Every time I mooch around town I end up with a bag full of Zara cardigans and vests. They are all quite simple with no embellishments but the lightweight fabrics and pastel shades are lovely.

I bought these black ankle boots from Topshop yesterday as I've been needing a pair for ages but kept resorting back to my studded flats whilst at uni. They were £78.00 but I used my 10% student discount which made me feel better about buying them! Every little counts and all that. I'm off for a meal at Pizza Express with a friend, spent an hour in the gym this morning so I've earnt the right to stuff myself with pizza! I've also been using this Easy Abs app to try and tone up for the Summer, has anybody else tried it?

Sunday, 18 March 2012


t-shirt: zara
shorts: the ragged priest
shoes: jeffrey campbell
necklace: forever 21
ram ring: topshop
lips: mac freckle-tone

I've been a very naughty daughter...had to make a quick dash this morning to the nearest shopping centre to pick up a Mother's Day present oops! I ended up buying an Yves Saint Laurent lipstick and some choccies which I'm sure will make up for the lateness. I broke one of my golden rules today and mixed silver and gold jewellery. In all fairness, I couldn't wear just gold because of the silver studs on the shorts (which may I add are absolutely lethal!) so I wore this silver cross necklace to tie it all together. I love these shorts but they are a little on the tight side, really need to get back into my fitness regime for the Summer by the looks of it! I bought this sheer t-shirt whilst I was in London the other week, it's really easy to wear with anything and has a dipped back hemline which you can't see as it's tucked into the shorts.

These are my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas which I've been lusting after for god knows how long. I wore them out Thursday night so they are a little mucky but still beautiful! I also attempted the Galaxy nails last night but I'm not that happy with the overall outcome. I think they look a little messy but for a first attempt I suppose they'll do. I hope everyone is having a lovely Mother's Day and spoiling their mommas! I'm off for a family lunch round my brother's house later on to see my little nephews which will no doubt be chaos.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Today I bought #18

crop top: asos (£10.00)
t-shirt: asos (£40.00)
rings: asos (£8.00)

In celebration of handing in my final project today (and the reluctance to physically go shopping) I had a little splurge on Asos and purchased two tops and some rings. I really needed a black crop top to wear with my new red American Apparel leggings. I have so many t-shirt crops that I wanted to go for something different that can be worn with plain leggings and still make an interesting outfit. I also bought this ombre t-shirt which I've been wanting for ages but the price tag turned me off. Eventually I bit the bullet. These gold spike rings are pretty cool, wanted some simple cheap rings that I can wear across my three middle fingers so these pretty much fit the bill! 

I'm heading back home tomorrow for the Easter holidays so will definitely be posting outfit looks more often. It's much harder at uni because the lighting is so awful in our house and most days I'm in my room working so don't get dressed up. I'm really looking forward to home-cooking, my own bed and freshly washed clothes! 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Right through me

top: zara
skirt: american apparel
belt: topshop
bag: chanel
necklace: topshop
watch: michael kors
lips: mac snob

I think I slightly over-anticipated the weather today. I had to be in uni for 8am today to get this dress finished so didn't check the weather before I went. I thought it would be wasn't. Ending up changing into leggings before I left because I looked far too Summer-y! I bought this skirt over the weekend as I've been looking for a nice sheer black maxi skirt but they all come with dodgy linings or mini skirts underneath. I wasn't sure what to wear underneath so I tucked in my grey baggy vest which is long enough to wear as a dress. I've bought this baggy vest top/ dress in a few colours because they come in really useful during the day and can be worn on a night out with a waist belt. 

I rescued this lipstick from the depths of my make-up bag, completely forgot I even had it. Snob is a bubblegum pink shade so it has a slight lilac undertone rather than being really bright. It's part of the Satin collection so has a smooth texture and isn't too dry although I do find it makes your lips quite 'bitty' at times. Although this never stops me from buying Mac lipsticks, I think they're the best and have such a wide range of colours. I'm spending the rest of my day doing work...oh the joys! And hopefully I get enough done so I can treat myself to a few cocktails tonight, fingers crossed.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Share some skin

t-shirt: topshop
skirt: asos
cardigan: h&m
necklace: river island
rings: topshop
earrings: topshop
nails: 17 sweet kisses

I thought I'd switch things up a little and do my photographs outside as the weather has been so amazingly beautiful today! Actually can't believe I'm in Leeds as usually it's just grey, windy and generally miserable. I had a stroll into town today, felt like cabin fever being in the house 2 days in a row. I bought this crop a while back and I've only worn it on nights out so today was the day to bring it out. The skirt is a maxi length tube shape with a split at the back making it easier to walk in (although I did struggle getting up the stairs in Topshop today!). I love the dark burgundy shade of this cardigan but it malted all over my white crop and I kept getting fluff stuck to my lipstick which was not pleasant.

Unfortunately I have to spend the rest of this lovely day sitting on my laptop getting some design work done for Tuesday which is really depressing. Hope everyone is having fun sunbathing whilst I'm slaving away!

p.s. I have a slight confession...gave into buying the black Jeffrey Campbell Litas today which is really naughty. I figured they're a good investment and I'll get my wear out of them, well that's what I keep telling myself anyway...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Lusting after #18

shoes: kurt geiger (£180.00)

I originally planned to go shopping today but it's been one of those morning when you wake up feeling really full of cold and then as the day goes on you feel absolutely fine, damn! To make myself feel better I've been browsing online (also known as procrastinating immensly to avoid any form of work) and came across these beauties. We all know I'm a complete shoe addict, I think if I was offered a full designer outfit or a pair of Louboutins I'd go for the shoes any day! These are also perfect because I love nude, apart from the fact it gets dirty so easily. I also love the peep toe/ shoe boot shape because I often need a strap or boot to keep my foot in place as I'm not that great in walking in open foot or court shoes. I can see these fitting in perfectly with my Summer wardrobe so I might have to break the bank...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Something special

top: h&m
leggings: american apparel
boots: topshop
belt: ebay
rings: topshop
earrings: topshop
watch: michael kors
nails: topshop mannequin
lips: mac viva glam nicki

For once I've managed to get an outfit post done before I actually leave the house, yay! This is only because I was meant to go and pick up my poorly laptop but they still haven't finished backing up my hard drive. The guy rang yesterday and said that when they took it apart it "exploded with foundation powder" oops...can't really deny that one! So that's my first errand to run, then I'm off to get a project printed, fill up my car and buy some food for my return to Leeds tomorrow. Busy busy busy!

I decided to wear my new pastel green peplum blouse today, it's so cute I feel like a little Lolita girl or something. I'm a big fan of pastels at the moment, especially as we're heading into Spring/ Summer. I've got them all at the ready for when the sun decides to come out. I paired the blouse with my AA shiny lycra leggings which I wear pretty much every day so I've got 3 pairs, slightly excessive but necessary! I also thought I'd try out my new Viva Glam Nicki lipstick which is really opaque and bold so stands out well against the pastel green shade. The lipstick has a creamy texture so it glides onto the lip well but personally I prefer the matte lipsticks as they stay on better but I'll put this one to the test today.