Saturday, 11 February 2012

Product review #3

hair treatment: Huile De Palme Leonor Greyl (£49.00)

Leonor Greyl is a brand I've discovered recently that specialises in luxury hair care such as oils, shampoos, deep treatments and leave-in treatments. I bought their 'Huile De Palme' beautifying oil is a pre-shampoo hair treatment which is based on natural oils used on lengths and ends. You pour a small amount into your hand before washing and run your hands through your dry hair. I used a wide comb just to make sure the oil had covered all areas of my hair and left the treatment in for around 10 minutes before washing it out and shampooing/ conditioning.

I've only used this product a couple of times but it has already made such a difference to my hair. You can tell as soon as you dry your hair it immediately feels softer, easier to brush through and also improves the colour. I'd advise keeping the bottle in warm-ish place because the oil turns solid pretty easily but you just run it under hot water to melt it again. I'd highly recommend this product, yes it's a little pricey but the bottle will last a really long time plus it smells amazing - I can't put my finger on it exactly but it's kind of sherbet/ sweet. Either way, it's incredible.

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